Saturday, April 30, 2005

red to black to red

i just had a very exhilarating moment. on thursday i got my first paycheque from ecw. and yesterday i got my tax refund.

which meant for 10 glimmering golden promising minutes, my bank balance was in the black.

then i put a dent on my credit card debt and i'm blazin red again.

i didn't know how exciting it would be to for a minute look like a proper, organized and financially stable person. oh how fleeting...

anyway it's saturday morning, i've read the paper, i'm listening to some Neil Diamond, paying my bills, wondering what to do with my day. clean-up i guess. amie & charlie may be coming by for a eve of card playing. sarah's brother was drafted in the 5th round by the hamilton tiger cats & he gets to go to training camp and then they decide if they're keepin him. kinda rad mcjazzy. go CFL.

(cracklin rosie get on board...dodododoooo)

jeopardy was recruiting in town and i missed it once again. (you got the way to make me happy ooohoooh)

`70s ALBUMS - $200
Although recorded before Abby Road, it was the last Beatles LP of all-new material to hit No. 1


Next Exit - RussD said...

Damn I wish I knew that

Jocklyn said...

ooh! i know i know! it was let it be- at least i think so anyway.