Tuesday, April 12, 2005

lil' brit

In the News:
Britney is preggers....

Arrested Development. Swear allegiance www.getarrested.com
Mitch Hedburg oh i don't know how to spell your name but you were funny

i feel kinda barfy for no good reason except eating a lot of brie. oops. i may lie down and take it easy. had nice hang out w/ amie & sarah last night. i dunno what else. day in and day out at ecw in my little corner.


Lady CC said...

arrested development is jocelyn's favourite show. she hearts it beacoup. i heart you both beaucoup. i can't seem to get my holiday time in june cleared - this disturbs me.

Anthony Boylan said...

I watch a lot of arrested development via bittorrent downloads. It rocks my solitary world.

You've been eating brie! How lucky that is. Although, they do sell little brie wedges in the 7-11's here so I could get it if I wanted. It just wouldn't be the same without the family around though.

Nims said...

When I saw arrested developement I thought of the music group from the early 90's.
Never even heard of the show.
That's my comment.