Saturday, April 30, 2005

red to black to red

i just had a very exhilarating moment. on thursday i got my first paycheque from ecw. and yesterday i got my tax refund.

which meant for 10 glimmering golden promising minutes, my bank balance was in the black.

then i put a dent on my credit card debt and i'm blazin red again.

i didn't know how exciting it would be to for a minute look like a proper, organized and financially stable person. oh how fleeting...

anyway it's saturday morning, i've read the paper, i'm listening to some Neil Diamond, paying my bills, wondering what to do with my day. clean-up i guess. amie & charlie may be coming by for a eve of card playing. sarah's brother was drafted in the 5th round by the hamilton tiger cats & he gets to go to training camp and then they decide if they're keepin him. kinda rad mcjazzy. go CFL.

(cracklin rosie get on board...dodododoooo)

jeopardy was recruiting in town and i missed it once again. (you got the way to make me happy ooohoooh)

`70s ALBUMS - $200
Although recorded before Abby Road, it was the last Beatles LP of all-new material to hit No. 1

Saturday, April 23, 2005


the good
arrested development, the group. that whole first album was brilliant. i love tennessee and mr. wendell a lot. i guess the name 'arrested development' works well for things in general.

the sounds. i know i've expressed my love for them before but really they keep givin it and i keep lovin it.

the donnas "gold metal." or is it gold medal? well, they deserve one.

ratatouille. it's fun to say and even more fun to eat.

fruit by brian francis. a novel publ. by ecw; it really is so charming and funny. who wants to borrow my copy?

editing a neil diamond bio. well, mainly just changing britishisms to americanisms. and realizing that neither of those words exist. but fun nonetheless. and verrry educational.

pizza. but we already knew that.

the bad
publicity. it's not work i'm interested in doing and it looks like (well, is certain that ) i'll have to do more and more in the coming weeks. especially in august when 1 of 2 publicists will be in india. no thank you india.

workin' 9 to 5. there really isn't enough time in a day when you spend over an hour getting to work & another one back. i think that sitting in a chair all day staring at paper or a screen is bad for brains and energy and lust for life.

burnt tongue. especially right off the bat, on the first sip of an anticipated mint tea at 9:12 a.m. there and then ruining the taste of everything for the rest of the day.

too much pizza. but we already knew that.

the ugly

my belly. it grows...

the concerning

murderous rampages. there is without fail a shooting or car bomb or something every single week in Toronto. it's been crazy these past few months. a minivan parked in tasha's parking lot was bombed. a mother of four was shot on sat. night. a guy down the road from our house was arrested for murder.

the usual
the interpreter. i will enjoy any movie w/ sean penn & nicole kidman. even if there are big holes in the end of the movie.

OTD launch party. tomorrow the school gang reunites to flip thru our magazines in an over-sized venue that will no doubt look so embarrassingly empty. ah well. my dreams of a fancy girly outfit have turned into jeans & boots & a jacket. me and ryan seacrest.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

lil' brit

In the News:
Britney is preggers....

Arrested Development. Swear allegiance
Mitch Hedburg oh i don't know how to spell your name but you were funny

i feel kinda barfy for no good reason except eating a lot of brie. oops. i may lie down and take it easy. had nice hang out w/ amie & sarah last night. i dunno what else. day in and day out at ecw in my little corner.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

flip out

coffee from the morning smells bad in the evening.

dear everyone, i know you are probably beside yourself with wonder at how my first three days of internshipping has gone. well it is fine thank you. my days start with an hour trip to the other end of the city. the streetcar tracks are being ripped up from kingston road (which i thought was in pickering) all the way past my place of internshipment so the streetcar ends before i'm done with it. this will not make me like buses more than streetcars. no. never. no matter how many times streetcars get fucked up and derouted (?) and stuck behind a parked car on a snowy day i will love them more than any other form of public transportation. try all you want streetcar. but i heart you the most. my love is undying and unwavering.

so i have a twenty minute walk after my streetcar ride. or before. depending on whether i'm going to or coming from ecw.

when i get there, i sit down at my desk (small, no drawers) and do something assigned to me by the boss-man. usually it is reading something and either (a) looking for misplaced commas and so on or (b) deciding what i think of it and writing it down. this morning i was thinking about posting this blog and how i'd get to say i haven't had to use the photocopier yet and isn't that a good sign of a fun internship. but then i had to photocopy a whole book today. that sure showed me.

twice i've eaten my lunch outside (once in a little park, once on a beach bench) and today i made the mistake of not bringing my lunch but buying a tuna sandwich from tim horton's. what a piece of ordinary crapola it was. i was miffed. and the lady tried to upsell me a donut. i don't wanna donut. but then i realized she was from england and then i felt bad for her that she came to the new world and ended up working at timmy's. maybe she loves donuts and burnt coffee. what do i know?

so ya, the people are nice, the work is mainly reading (which is nice) and if i wasn't so g'd tired, i would be enthusiastic. pickled beets make me enthusiastic. one time i had a vocabulary test on vegetables in french class and i made up a memory trick for beets. if you ever need to know how to say beet in french just remember this: a good beet makes a better rave. beet=betterave en francais. so next time you're confidently ordering beets at the french market on a sunday afternoon, think of me.

Friday, April 01, 2005


it seems that my pestiferous nature is finally waning. perhaps it is the exedrin migraine mixed with cold remedy herbal tea, but i feel better right this second; i haven't felt this good since last sunday. i'm hungry and i'd like a drink and a cigarette. only one of the three i will indulge. i know i'm not actually all better.

i just was reading some of meg cabot's blog and it was luculent that she is a funny funny lady. she recapped Spring Break Shark Attack and it made me laugh out loud. Quite sapid!

my brain didn't let me participate in april fool's day today but sarain put an anchovy into michelle's morning coffee. michelle contemns anchovies so it must have been extremely humourous.

i think the aliment of tom yum kai soup today really helped me on my road to recovery. thank you friendly thai.

as for my weekend plans, i temporize; unable to decide whether to go to acton or stay behind and get ready for monday. not that there is much to do. and ro will be in town tomorrow. i'm sure in the end it will all be copacetic.

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