Thursday, March 03, 2005


new friend robbie coltrain does not = hagrid. but that would have been funny. robbie = real name; coltrain = made up fun name. robbie + coltrain = super snap.

everyone i know is just coming back from weird trips and feeling a little bit post-partum. including me. and claire. last night was Amie's birthday - we had homemade macaroni & cheese, red wine and cake. amie was in her funniest state when you just can't stop smiling and staring. you should have seen her open her birthday presents. like a little kid so so so excited and happy. and sarah got residency for next year in toronto. which is amazing cause otherwise she and her newlywed self would have been split from new house & husband. yikes. but as dave said, they hope for the best and plan for nothing and it's been working out so far.

even though it was originally my spicy idea, i have opted out of the matching tattoos w/ russ plan. on valentine's day we had no plan so i invented one. it was called "Matching Tattoos." but then it didn't happen. fair nuff. but upon my return russ said let's get em on saturday. which made me think do i really really want a star tatttoo on my wrist? and the answer is no thanks. russ & i are supposed to go see a screening of a kevin costner movie tonight. in the movie he plays a(n): (a) old timer baseball player, (b) crusty but charming guy looking for love, (c) guy who loves to wear blue jeans cause he's one of the 'people' or (d) all of the above?

maybe i should unpack...

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