Friday, March 04, 2005


the meeting was actually really lovely & nice. we talked for about two hours - about me and school and work and publishing in canada and his company. it's a small group of people at ecw; they were chatting and laughing in the background (which i take as a good sign). and he gave me 8 books to take home with me so's i could get to know their list. yes, including a wrestling book. all in all, a good start.

what else? the movie last night was bizarre and kinda long. i like movies with sisters and there were four girls in this one so that was a bonus. i like evan rachel wood (from 13) and keri russell does some dancin. i like dancin. and danzig.

my earrings jingle-jangle when i move my head. claire might come for a visit in june and that sounds brilliant. and she might try to convince me to go for another weekend in nyc. hmmm. that won't be too hard to do.

welcome back jocelyn -- we've missed you so.

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