Wednesday, March 09, 2005

nail polish by candlelight: don't do it

today i managed to do absolutely near next to nothing. what i did do was top drawer (shelf?):

- email my girlz
- remove my nail polish
- do my nyc ballet workout tape as endorsed by sarah jessica parker (she promises i will be more graceful. i'll prove that hussy wrong)
- eat an apple (and various other less interesting things)
- vaguely think about schooly ass-ignments
- listen to the sounds & franz ferdinand over and over as i made a cd for amie

russ just phoned to ask me to put a pot of coffee on. tres bizarre.

i'm wearing my 'claire' shirt today. the one daniel said was too much on me (due to red & black combo).

gots to put the cafe on...

1 comment:

Anthony Boylan said...

What is this "sounds" you speak of? Is't a band or somewhich?