Sunday, March 13, 2005


right this second i am downloading my first iTunes purchase (tori a. - beekeeper). it feels funny. for some reason the itunes canada store is in french. it's hard to know what to choose: annuler or termine. but i sleuthed it out...

highlights of last night: snow keeps me in & tasha's mom ends up having the slumberparty over at T's. watch Cat's Meow and make the bed (this is noteworthy cause i love the first sleep in a bed with crisp clean sheets). SNL has a skit with Amy Poehler's character called Crissy. or chrissy i guess.

the tori album is kinda wacky so far....uhoh....i bet i'll like it in a couple of listens. hey toe - did you take from the choirgirl hotel with you?

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iBrett said...

Three cheers for the iTunes music store in Canada. Nice blog, btw.