Friday, March 18, 2005

guiness is (pretty) good

drank only irish beer last night. some of it greened up. dark beers don't go green easily. russ had his smirnoff ice green too. which looked brilliant. in attendance: sarain, amie, charlie, russ, natasha, amanda and me. drank a bit too much. not feeling 100%. wanna watch movies with russ tonight. should be cozy good times.

going into b!f today to do a bit o' data entry. my fav o' rite thing to do. haven't seen erin properly in a bit so this shall be good catch up time.

i wish there was an In 'n' Out burger right outside my door. i could use the power of their cheeseburgers right now.

it still makes me howl thinking that JB teaches vogueing classes at the CFA.

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