Sunday, March 06, 2005


met baby niklas. he can raise one eyebrow and do a bit of an elvis snarl. as well as a katie holmes one-sided smile. put a couple of pictures on flickr (and of amie's bday night). she was so sick and trying so hard to stay ready and w/ it.

i have not started homework...oops. lazy = me. i have been cheating on my crossword by looking words up in the dictionary and on google. but i figure if i'm learning stuff (like Faldo is a golfer who won the masters 3 times) that's what really matters.

this morning i had waking dreams of being in a ballet class. and then i thought about my irish dancing class from first yr uni in a weird loft building in east toronto. a class full of middle-age ladies who loved riverdance. they were lovely/funny. and my teacher was so precise. one time i was coming home after class on the subway, kinda lateish, and the carpenter who worked on the basement in ajax was on the same car and he was drunk and weirding me out. so i got off a stop early. which is too bad really cause when i was a kid we built a ranch for my my little ponies together.

russ is off for a coffee w/ eric. rich & leanna are watching one of russ's new kung fu movies. and i am ready to crawl back in bed.

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Next Exit - RussD said...

Faldo also looks like Harrison Ford and used to have caddie called Fanny