Thursday, March 31, 2005

impatient patient

i thought i was getting better but this morning i feel cruddy. hung out w/ sick sister sarain all day yesterday which was more fun than sick people are supposed to have. we watched wimbledon (the movie not the tennis) and ate alphageddies (hahhahah).

today i had planned on doing all sorts of stuff like getting my act in gear for monday=1st day=workday. but i feel like not doing that at all. we'll see how it goes. also i've lost two pairs of pj pants and when you're sick that is a big problem. i have shorts on right now and i hate shorts. and they certainly don't keep my legs warm. i guess i have to do laundry. maybe that's where the pj pants are camped out.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

sick siblings

all three boylan kids are sick. sarain is the sickest. weird timing.

i had my last day of class today. skipped my last brant class cause i felt like crap and had to get the h out of there. which means i also skipped drinks w/ classmates. kinda sad. and there's a party tonight but i am not going. my brain is soup.

i miss claire and tony and wish that their countries of residence were closer to mine. it's not a small world after all you disney fucks. russ is at a p-diddy baggy tshirt party. his mom and nan sent me a basket of flowers/plants to say congratulations for getting the internship. which is so sweet but also magically makes me feel bad. i guess undeserved, more than bad.

i guess i'll go watch csi. it's not the best choice when you feel crazee in the head but they always get the baddies. order restored over chaos.

miss you lot.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


i would say my most frequent dream is a slightly nightmarish one about being in a weird creepy house that won't let me out. the last one i was with tony and mom and we were walking down the stairs but we could never get to the ground level it just kept repeating and repeating. i decided that if i looked out the window (moved the curtain to see out) then it would have to let us down. but instead the staircase collapsed and we all fell.

long long weekend for me. monday's classes have been cancelled so i am leaving studying for my final on tuesday til monday. haven't done much of anything. finally read Fast Food Nation. and Fast Girls. both v. interesting. fast girls (its subtitle is teenage tribes and the myth of the slut, to give you an idea of the content) was a bit too airy fairy for me. next up...maybe the allison dubois book or i don't know what. i have a pile of library books that beckon to be read before they are overdue.

in other news that surprised me to uncontrollable laughter, i received an email from my internship people and they applied for this "cultural internship" program thru the ont. gov't. and received funding. so they have offered (and i have accepted) a 6 month paid internship following my 6 week unpaid internship. wacky. it's very odd to switch modes in my head of the next chunk of time to 7.5 months v. 6 weeks at ecw. the pay (of course) is not substantial but will be enough to eek out an existence of debt servicing. anyway it will be nice to get some solid experience before having to go out into the real job searching world. and any reason to delay that arduous task is a-okay by me.

today: meeting up with tammy to proof the OTD pages cause they go to the printer on monday. hopefully everything will be in good shape. doing some tidying up round the bedroom. it's a pig sty. russ has gone into work. have done nothing eastery with the exception of buying some mini-eggs. and going to mass. by mass, i mean blockbuster. where i went kookoo trying to choose a freakin movie. russ & i ended up w/ collateral and finding neverland (guess which movie was picked by whom?). watched collateral last night and what a piece of monkey-brain ass. i guess we'll watch neverland tonight.

oh ya and i broke up with Bell Mobility. unlike erin, i did not send them an email that in only two words said everything: you fuckers.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

being calhoun

there is a package waiting at the post office for crissy calhoun but they generally ask for photo id and i ain't got none. which is funny. so i am wearing my tshirt that says crissy calhoun. i think that counts as real live ID. we'll see how it goes.

at school in the liberry. drinks with classmates in a few hours. then easter weekend. have no christ-like things planned. or chocolate related celebrations.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

last minute = best minute

yippe skippy here i go. procrastination end; work begin. nearly done my business plan / media kit. fuck yeah. toes frozen. have to go to school on a sunday.

i have no blog in me


love and misses

Friday, March 18, 2005

guiness is (pretty) good

drank only irish beer last night. some of it greened up. dark beers don't go green easily. russ had his smirnoff ice green too. which looked brilliant. in attendance: sarain, amie, charlie, russ, natasha, amanda and me. drank a bit too much. not feeling 100%. wanna watch movies with russ tonight. should be cozy good times.

going into b!f today to do a bit o' data entry. my fav o' rite thing to do. haven't seen erin properly in a bit so this shall be good catch up time.

i wish there was an In 'n' Out burger right outside my door. i could use the power of their cheeseburgers right now.

it still makes me howl thinking that JB teaches vogueing classes at the CFA.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.


Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

march madness

i vote that natasha gets her own blog and us lot can give her gold star stickers. it's so easy...

it really is the end of school approaching. after yesterday, i officially have nothing more to do / hand-in to the assface teacher brant. getting there with the other classes. kids are getting a bit end-of-their-ropes and sometimes look like they're gonna cry when they have to redo something. they should adopt my attitude of 'fuck it.'

today i am CFA'ing, maybe picking up my liberry books, going to Ringu2 w/ Russ, then going to Amanda's birthday party. She made up a little invitation of her face all sparkley blowing out a green st. patrick's day birthday cake that she drew up with her mad skillz.

full stop.

Monday, March 14, 2005


russ got his motorcycle a couple of years ago, right? and i've never ever gone for a ride on the back of it. i just haven't wanted to. at first cause he was new to the whole driving world, then cause it's called a 'bitch seat' and that makes me rage. but i've since gone on other motorcycles (kay, just the partner at the law firm's and it was way less sketchy than that sounds).

point being, i never wanted to go on the back of russ's motorcycle.

today he gets a letter from yamaha. recall. the freakin bolts holding that seat on are defective and could come loose (or have been coming loose) causing "serious injury or death" to the bitch on the seat

i am psychic. or just have good solid instincts. or my fear of man-made apparatuses (bridges, elevators, motorcycles) is a well founded fear.

rainbow trout

a very odd thing happened today in the cafeteria at school. it was busy (lunch) full of all the just out of high school kids (+ the book and mag crew). suddenly this girl stood up yelling 'i hate this school i can't take it anymore just stop it' but then started saying weird things about hating the 'ethnic community' at our school (our school is probably 75% black kids) and other hateful things. then she stormed out of the cafeteria while some loud girls yelled at her and started laughing. it was so weird cause normally you can simply say fuck you to the mean laughing girls and go talk to the upset girl. but in this case she was blatantly racist and what was making her upset was that she had to be surrounded by the 'ethnic community' every day. turns out she went to Queen's at the same time as a couple of girls in my class and she has had these random outbursts a lot and says rascist and sexist things all the freakin time. it was very unsettling. and then tammy jokingly said, at least she doesn't carry a firearm. but i didn't think that was so funny.

in other news...i only have 12 days of actual class / school days left before my internship. i am kinda sad that school will be done. i love my class and some of my teachers. and of course it's way less boring/hard than real life jobs. who will i go pee with everyday if bianca isn't there? it's quite funny how all day every day at school i am not for one second alone. talking between stalls while we pee. anyway...

when is russ coming home?

case of the...

despite two run-ins w/ kirk cameron and a hang out w/ rino at the jones/formosa (sigh), russ did not have a good trip. lost luggage was a nightmare. bad trip for a guy who doesn't like traveling anyway. they (movie co) did give him a baby blue puma bag though.

i watched In the Name of the Father last night. hard to watch with commercial interruptions but still oh so good. the opening sequence of that movie is crazy. and when i first saw it, i of course had no idea where guildford was, let alone had visited it. the prison didn't look like kilmainham (sp?) gaol but i think when i went (a prison in dublin, not in use) they said the movie had been filmed there. that was by far the most upsetting/moving/interesting place i've ever been as a tourist. or human.

i look forward to many other irish themed programming this week. and perchance a guiness or two.

i am skipping my class this morning. mainly cause tammy the brainer is and if she thinks it's a waste of time, it probably is.

hey rosie o'donnell has a blogster. just like us. hers is more tortured, gets more comments and is less pink than mine.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


right this second i am downloading my first iTunes purchase (tori a. - beekeeper). it feels funny. for some reason the itunes canada store is in french. it's hard to know what to choose: annuler or termine. but i sleuthed it out...

highlights of last night: snow keeps me in & tasha's mom ends up having the slumberparty over at T's. watch Cat's Meow and make the bed (this is noteworthy cause i love the first sleep in a bed with crisp clean sheets). SNL has a skit with Amy Poehler's character called Crissy. or chrissy i guess.

the tori album is kinda wacky so far....uhoh....i bet i'll like it in a couple of listens. hey toe - did you take from the choirgirl hotel with you?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

warning: rotating parts

yes Toe - The Sounds are a band - tres bon. try "seven days a week" or "living in america" as testers...

when a band is called something like The Somethings, do you use a plural or singular verb? The band is vs. The Beatles are It confussses me. I think you go w/ plural. The Beatles is sounds really wrong wrong.

It's Saturday morning and I am drinking coffee and (was) reading the paper. Homework/clean up day for me. Russ is in LA and his luggage is somewhere else. That is super sucky. And it's Richard's brand new suitcase that he hearts beaucoup. If you can love a suitcase.

Last night or well yesterday afternoon I went over to Ma's after school to hang out w/ Sarain. Our class that morning was a guest lecture from a woman from Harlequin Romance. She gave us all free romance novels. I got two. So we did a crafty project where Sarain and Michelle and I chopped up all the dirty/funny bits out of the story and rearranged it into a super powered tacky romance. it's close to brilliant. Then Tash joined us. We hung out for a bit, walked along Queen to the liquor store, and then to my house. We played Texas Hold Em. Sarain and I wore old man/britney hats (hers is pink; mine green), Michelle had a cop hat and Tash had a giant cowboy hat to go w/ her cowboy shirt. we listened to all three spice girls albums then tried to work our way thru the solos but ohmigod are they the worst. they have not aged well. i lost all my chips twice but was having a bit of a comeback by the end of it all.

After everyone had left, i was going to bed and tried to turn out the lamp. but the little switch wouldn't turn it off; it just kept turning and turning and the lightbulb kept burning and burning. so i had to pull the dresser from the wall, impale myself on that stupid elvis bust, curse and yank the cord out of the wall. apparently the ballet workout has not yet given me the promised grace.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

nail polish by candlelight: don't do it

today i managed to do absolutely near next to nothing. what i did do was top drawer (shelf?):

- email my girlz
- remove my nail polish
- do my nyc ballet workout tape as endorsed by sarah jessica parker (she promises i will be more graceful. i'll prove that hussy wrong)
- eat an apple (and various other less interesting things)
- vaguely think about schooly ass-ignments
- listen to the sounds & franz ferdinand over and over as i made a cd for amie

russ just phoned to ask me to put a pot of coffee on. tres bizarre.

i'm wearing my 'claire' shirt today. the one daniel said was too much on me (due to red & black combo).

gots to put the cafe on...


the daily show is always the best thing to watch. martha stewart & tasha have a shared love of citrus fruit. haha. me too.

i started reading The Molly Fire this morning. A son wrote a memoir about his artist mother and cleaning out her house after she dies. There are beautiful colour plates throughout of photos he's taken in her house or of a view in her backyard. His mother (Molly) had painted so much during her life that after keeping hundreds of her paintings, he burnt the rest.

maybe while russ is away in LA this weekend i'll have a double sleepover at my mom's. that would be fun.

the end

Sunday, March 06, 2005


met baby niklas. he can raise one eyebrow and do a bit of an elvis snarl. as well as a katie holmes one-sided smile. put a couple of pictures on flickr (and of amie's bday night). she was so sick and trying so hard to stay ready and w/ it.

i have not started homework...oops. lazy = me. i have been cheating on my crossword by looking words up in the dictionary and on google. but i figure if i'm learning stuff (like Faldo is a golfer who won the masters 3 times) that's what really matters.

this morning i had waking dreams of being in a ballet class. and then i thought about my irish dancing class from first yr uni in a weird loft building in east toronto. a class full of middle-age ladies who loved riverdance. they were lovely/funny. and my teacher was so precise. one time i was coming home after class on the subway, kinda lateish, and the carpenter who worked on the basement in ajax was on the same car and he was drunk and weirding me out. so i got off a stop early. which is too bad really cause when i was a kid we built a ranch for my my little ponies together.

russ is off for a coffee w/ eric. rich & leanna are watching one of russ's new kung fu movies. and i am ready to crawl back in bed.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

brother saves sister from boredom

mad props to toe-knee-bee who saved my sanity last night by calling. i was lying in bed watching lost in translation on my pretty computer (i couldn't get "more than this" or "lip my stocking" [thanks joc] out of my head so i had to watch). i was sleepy and a bit mopey and lonely and then ring-a-ding-ding = tony!

sad part is that is the longest we've chatted since July 31.

now it's the a.m. and i'm reading the G&M that comes to my door every Sat now. so far i've learned: that us troops killed an italian hostage negotiator (basically for speeding) and that tons of iraqi civilians are killed at checkpoints b/c of 'confusion', that the 4 mounties were killed by a "bad" man and that jeanne beker suggests tweens should wear vintage gowns to their first formal event.

dinner @ 201 tonight w/ new baby cousin Niklas Olvang (who Grandma Ottawa calls Alvin and the first time she saw him said, "he has so much to learn"), new Aunt Lisa, Uncle Al, Sarain, Ma and Russ. Then drinks/dance party for Amie's birthday.

I started reading the book of poetry i got from ecw. i never hever read poetry. i liked these ones. sort of smirky and beautiful and painful. then i reread that leonard cohen poem 'beneath my hands' which is just a pure heartbreaker. i wonder if amie & charlie still read poetry together like they used to. they used to read pablo neruda to eachother. talk about a heartbreaker.

Friday, March 04, 2005

do do do

rien a faire
nothing to do
can't read
can't think
want tomorrow
so i can
think straight
finding comfort
wearing this tshirt
given to me
after five years
of friendship,
until a month ago
hidden in my ma's


the meeting was actually really lovely & nice. we talked for about two hours - about me and school and work and publishing in canada and his company. it's a small group of people at ecw; they were chatting and laughing in the background (which i take as a good sign). and he gave me 8 books to take home with me so's i could get to know their list. yes, including a wrestling book. all in all, a good start.

what else? the movie last night was bizarre and kinda long. i like movies with sisters and there were four girls in this one so that was a bonus. i like evan rachel wood (from 13) and keri russell does some dancin. i like dancin. and danzig.

my earrings jingle-jangle when i move my head. claire might come for a visit in june and that sounds brilliant. and she might try to convince me to go for another weekend in nyc. hmmm. that won't be too hard to do.

welcome back jocelyn -- we've missed you so.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


new friend robbie coltrain does not = hagrid. but that would have been funny. robbie = real name; coltrain = made up fun name. robbie + coltrain = super snap.

everyone i know is just coming back from weird trips and feeling a little bit post-partum. including me. and claire. last night was Amie's birthday - we had homemade macaroni & cheese, red wine and cake. amie was in her funniest state when you just can't stop smiling and staring. you should have seen her open her birthday presents. like a little kid so so so excited and happy. and sarah got residency for next year in toronto. which is amazing cause otherwise she and her newlywed self would have been split from new house & husband. yikes. but as dave said, they hope for the best and plan for nothing and it's been working out so far.

even though it was originally my spicy idea, i have opted out of the matching tattoos w/ russ plan. on valentine's day we had no plan so i invented one. it was called "Matching Tattoos." but then it didn't happen. fair nuff. but upon my return russ said let's get em on saturday. which made me think do i really really want a star tatttoo on my wrist? and the answer is no thanks. russ & i are supposed to go see a screening of a kevin costner movie tonight. in the movie he plays a(n): (a) old timer baseball player, (b) crusty but charming guy looking for love, (c) guy who loves to wear blue jeans cause he's one of the 'people' or (d) all of the above?

maybe i should unpack...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


there's more trip pics here & more to come


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devil inside

kookoo kitchen
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nj to ny

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with the sound of wyclef

the hills are alive
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leavin' mtrl

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lion in winter

the nyc trip was wondrous. driving in the car hilarity and boredom and barfiness (roji on the way there, tash on the way back, me on friday night). lots of singing and dancing around. drinking DC out of a 2L bottle. flashbacks for Rain & Ro of their evil snowstorm trip on the I-87. get seinfeld spot in front of JR's insane apt. note waiting for us from our lovely host, Robbie. and then and then and then.... dance parties, jokes, yummy food in beautiful places, wandering the streets, bored at the Gates, fights between girls, resolution between girls. photos of roji & tasha's reunification in a pile of nyc garbage (which we all agree has more rats & dead bodies per bag than other garbage). listening to claire sing while we dance around in the apt (you were definitely there claire). long island iced teas and free bud lite (spell it like the americans) and enough anti-bush sentiment to give me hope for the future. NYPD horses and L&O sets. FYIs from Roji and Rebecca's grace & fascination with the entire world. erin's wonderment (why can't everything be as beautiful as this city?) and a new dear friend into the fold in the form of robbie coltrain.