Friday, February 18, 2005


for some reason, i can't post on comment on claire's blog right now. so i comment here:

i think your band is excited when sean does well because he doesn't always. he is a wild card, extraodinarily easily distracted and likes to mumble. you however are always great. you are reliable. that is a good thing. maybe not as audibly awarded but massively important. as far as feeling detached and no one noticing and that makes it worse, i know EXACTLY what you mean. it's horrid. but there's nothing you can do about that but wait it out. next day or week you may feel back into it. and if you never ever do (which i doubt will happen) then you've got a problem (as in you prolly shouldn't stay in band).

basically what i'm trying to say is: i love you and have fun in japan and don't worry too much and you're doing a great job of involving yourself in things you are interested in (band + stellar + travel) instead of lazying about watching reality tv shows night after night. it's hard to live a full life but it's way better than living a bored one. rock on clairabelle.

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