Wednesday, February 23, 2005

one more little thing

kay, listen to the acoustic version of The Trews "tired of waiting" and then sing claire's part in her song "tell me all the things the pretty little things" bit over the beginning. fits like a glove.

njork njork

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going on a road trip. gonna have a good time. i'll give y'all pictures upon my return. i haven't done nearly enough homework today in prep. ah well. my reading week is filling up - monday on road, tuesday @ b!f (i think), wednesday @ cfa, thursday do all my homework (eek), friday meet my internship fellow in the a.m.


who remembers "stay" by shakespeare's sister? listen to it more often. it's the best.

there's no ship like internship

i gots me placement. you may notice their healthy choice of wrestling books. haha. i think i will be happy there - they've got quality stuff & fun stuff; fiction & non. i will have an interview next week.

new york trip this weekend. hope erin can come. gulp. i so am not ready. have not packed. have not finished piles of homework due tomorrow or studied for midterm. my confidence in my ability to work quickly during crunchtime means i have spent the past hour drinking coffee, watching the daily show & reading the webternets instead of last night's plan of hitting the books as soon as my head left my pillow.

bizarrely there is a b!fact application this round called 'claire and tony.' i've been stuffing binders w/ erin while watching oprah / dr pill.

japan trip looks wonderful and am sad to not be there. another time i'm sure.

ok let's get craig mccracken

Friday, February 18, 2005


for some reason, i can't post on comment on claire's blog right now. so i comment here:

i think your band is excited when sean does well because he doesn't always. he is a wild card, extraodinarily easily distracted and likes to mumble. you however are always great. you are reliable. that is a good thing. maybe not as audibly awarded but massively important. as far as feeling detached and no one noticing and that makes it worse, i know EXACTLY what you mean. it's horrid. but there's nothing you can do about that but wait it out. next day or week you may feel back into it. and if you never ever do (which i doubt will happen) then you've got a problem (as in you prolly shouldn't stay in band).

basically what i'm trying to say is: i love you and have fun in japan and don't worry too much and you're doing a great job of involving yourself in things you are interested in (band + stellar + travel) instead of lazying about watching reality tv shows night after night. it's hard to live a full life but it's way better than living a bored one. rock on clairabelle.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


last night i went to see Constantine w/ Russ. It was perty decently entertaining but had 10% too many monsters for me. I know it's a movie about battling monsters but hey. by monsters i mean demons. gavin r. was good-looking but only ok-acting

all the suckers in my class are sitting in it right now. i am at home. haha. the teacher who i 'fought' with last term is still crap this term despite a strong start. i think it's more important for me to catch up on my sleep and bloggin than to sit there in frustration doing crosswords and being rude.

gots to go & make me lunch

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


no one is blogging in the blogosphere. so i thought i'd get the ball rolling again seeing as how i dropped the ball earlier this week.

happy belated hallmark holiday to y'all. i ate one heart shaped cookie. that was about as into v's day as i got.

in editing process for articles for OTD ( - only thing on it right now is media kit). it's fun to edit but not fun when certain writers don't accept your changes and stick with the old only-makes-sense-to-me phrasing. it does, however, give me the opportunity to wield my unwieldly power and slash and cut where i see fit. ha ha. i will power trip on a school project if i damn well please. but tammy better not touch my article. well she already did & it's much better for it.

i woke up feeling poorly due to cold (contracted from russ). deciding whether to do hmwk or do cfa work.

in chubby news, besides two smallish cookies over two days (one of which was v's day) i have been quite good at eating reasonable to small amounts of food and not eating late. i just have to get going on the exercise.

shamefully for me and happily for you, i have not yet finished my next bk so no mini-review for you.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


i found my old pj shirt from kid-dom. it's got three zebras on it and a red stripe. it's wicked cool and i love it.

5. Go Ask Alice - Anon this book is insane. erin couldn't believe i hadn't read it in grade school and neither can i. if you haven't read it and feel like you can handle it, please read it. people call things heartbreaking that are really just like a segment on oprah but this is actually and truly heartbreaking.

in other news, i am back on an eat-right-ya-chubby-bum plan. it has lasted since this morning. update ya later.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

losing time

last night as i read my book and russ watched the finale to amazing race, i started thinking about how i'll turn 26 this year. i was always ahead of everyone else. in grade 1, i was 4 and they were 5. i "should" be 23 right now. having finished my degree and half way thru this one year course. it gave me a sick feeling. i know i didn't know what to do and that i've spent a LOT of time figuring that out and doing half-interesting things along the way. it's not the end of the world. it just seems like time is racing and i am more lazy than i should be. so this very morning, i have decided to start designing the prototype for my time machine.

but before that,

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares Not another teen novel. Yes. Carmen buys a pair of jeans. They are magic. They look slammin hot on all four of the bestest friends ever. Summertime - the pants travel between them on their first summer apart. Basically it's a whole lot like the Ya-Yas but with less drinking, child abuse and dancing. My first problem is that the jeans they chose to illustrate the novel are so hideous and would look crap on anyone & everyone. and i know magic jeans. just saying... I will not be reading the second in the series but will prolly see the movie

and i worry that i am wasting my time.

Monday, February 07, 2005

falling behind

before i get into my mini book reviews, i just found out that Bob McAdorey died. That is very sad. I really enjoyed him. Remember his movie reviews on Global? He was always right on the money.

2. Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus This book was written for people who are exactly like me. It's about a girl (named Girl) who is out of university, out of her first job with a nightmare boss and terrified of never finding a job again. But she does. And she finds a love interest. I think it was supposed to be funny and sort of over-the-top. I found it couldn't quite figure out what the hell it was doing - chick lit or hard social criticism or funny ha-ha absurd. The cover is v. pretty though. And it's way better than that A-List book.

3. Jake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman One of my favourite books of all time, that i can re-read ad nauseum, is The Great Gatsby. Well, Mr. G. Korman decided to retell that story in a high school setting. The dedication is "To Jay & Daisy." Perfect for me. And I have to say it made me feel the same ways the original does. It is by no stretch of the imagination as well written but he does capture the same feelings and conditions. Interesting & good book. The Jay Gatsby character says "baby" too many times to count. Kinda annoying.

tonight i will do my homework, eat uberbowl leftovers and watch my murder shows. Medium (starring Patricia Arquette) is the best new show on tv. or maybe the best show on tv.

it's been nice and quiet with the in-laws in arizona. they get back tomorrow. tony -- did you call / email dad for his bday? and sarain's is wednesday.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

groundhog day

remember how in the UofT cinema studies courses, you get to watch groundhog day?

let's make a list of all the books i got from the TPL. then as i read them i'll review them. i took 10 out and rich&russ have challenged me to actually read every page of them before the Feb 22 duedate. not too hard since they are almost all written for girls of age 12.

1. The A-List by Zoey Dean
I took this one out cause Russ's show is also called the A-List. It's terrible. Basically a rich girl who's boring from NYC goes to LA to stay w/ her dead-beat dad and have a wild party summer. Clothing labels and cars and all sorts of crap that I don't know or care about are mentioned every second line. The inbetween lines are about how empty all the rich kids are inside. And how beautiful. zzzzzzzzzzz. oh ya, and obviously the author has an english b.a. cause she likes to make literary references every once in a while to sound all smart. but really these literary references are about as deep as a jeopardy question. or answer. you know what i mean.

i think next i will read Citizen Girl. that one's more for someone my age. i love a challenge. or as bush would say, challange.

the whole reeling from the motley crue badness has given me pause to think about the wider spectrum of that shit. it's tough for my brain to sort out how to live & participate in the culture that promotes those kind of things. maybe i'll just retreat further from it. as much as j'adore britney and madge, i am not dumb enough not to notice all the questionable things that their success endorses. i've just been saying to myself it's not that bad and brushing it off.

maybe i should figure out whether it really is that bad to me. any thoughts?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i was dead wrong

i should have reserved my judgment until more than 19 pages in.

i read more of the dirt (the motley crue book). i do not endorse them. i abhor them. they are vile and nasty and have done and then reported to the world plainly & simply terrible things. i will not be going to their concert anymore.

i am having two email discussions on the subject - one with erin & one with russ.

i feel a bit twisted up and sick about it. i wish the world was a simpler, cleaner place. it's doing my head in.

but congrats to claire. i don't know quite what those people do but it sounds fantastic. mad love to you. and to the toronto public library for lending 10 books I've been meaning to read to me on a day that was sub-par.