Saturday, December 31, 2005

i smell burning

happy nearly new year's to you. i have not yet made up my lengthy list of resolutions but i'm sure it will resemble last year's list. with some variation no doubt. i'll make those up in the new year, i resolve to. make your list too.

i'm here in montreal w/ sister & roj -- dish washing and coffee making happening while i dillydally away here at the 'puter. the party last night was v. fun (although i missed the square dancing). lots of people who i haven't seen in 8 million hundred brazilian years. ottawa was a mix of sun and clouds if ya know what i'm saying... S & I went on a cool hike through a winter wonderland. There was lots of snow and it was covered in a sheet of ice. We got a little lost and lay down on the ground. I have taken zero pictures so far on this leg of the trip so I will be sure to post them right away. Oh wait that's a lie. There are pics of snow walk.

Today we'll watch the second half of The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which gave me a decent sized fright last night), then do a wander-round, shop a bit (use xmas giftcards), and prolly get a manicure. I choose hot pink or blood red.

My big long holiday is nearly over. Fuck. I have to finish proofreading this wrestler/christer book before Monday. I think I'll be doing the majority on Monday. So far the guy has eaten a piece of ear he ripped off and popped out someone's eyeball. Hurrah! Go team!

Here's to a new year with ears and eyes firmly attached to one's body.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

live from harbour grace

Good Afternoon. Here I am in Newfoundland. It's Crimbo time. Anne Murray is singing on and on about falling on her knees, or telling us to. Or maybe everyone should. It's so cheery. The big long driveway outside Diane's house is covered in ice and is perfect for skating with your boots on during R's smoke breaks. Sing Sweet Child O' Mine doing the Axel and you'll go backwards. The key to backwards skating. If only I was more familiar with his body of work when I was 6 yrs old and in skating lessons. Woulda been a cinch.

I'm last minute knitting up some arm warmers for Russ and fear that I will run out of yarn. Craptastic. It's a xmas tragedy. Not too many Newfoundland specific things have happened yet. Some of Diane's pals have dropped by and tonight we're gonna read Night Before XMas nfld version. I think we're supposed to put on accents and the whole bit.

Rich needs to do some xmas crafting so back in a flash...


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


christopher monks, a proper blogger who apologizes when he misses one day of bloggin, provides his readers with a blogvent calendar this time o' year. i provide no such added bonus material for my 1.45 readers. I abandon them.

so now i'm back. codfish-agogoland tomorrow. who knows what time the aeroplane leaves? not me. i'm pretending that it doesn't bug me as much as it does to not be the master of my own destiny. i feel like a 12 year old child. Quite capable of taking care of myself but not yet allowed to. What airline? What time? How long is the flight? How many books to bring on the plane? Mysteries all.

here is a list of presents that I have rec'd thus far because that's what chrimbo is all about.
1. from claire: beautious irish cream whiskey fancy and from real and actual ireland that she brought over, the dubliners by james joyce (also from the motherland), another book whose name is the cryptographer and i will be reading it on the plane, a bag of crisps flavoured spring onion which claire knows is my absolute favourite, and a lovely vile of lavendar essence oil whatsit that will bring me great smell-induced happiness.

well that was a lot of typing so no more present announcements yet. i'll save em up and dole em out. that's an added bonus. it's my very own blogvent. if only i could bother to take pictures of me enjoying said pressies. i hate that abbreviation. gives me the creeps.

i think i'll steal one of russ's marlies and smoke it. i hate that abbreviation too. I really am vying for the spot of erin's most negative friend.

and now a poem:

old cup. new cup.
empty cups both.
magically fill with
water and whiskey.

that was more like a crap spell than a crap poem but whatevs.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

cold coffee

apparently if you write to santa, you get a response. i think i might. i have never written to S (since i never believed in santa); maybe i'll write to mrs. claus and see what happens.

since you all care so desperately, i thought i'd let you know that last night i finished watching Buffy. i still haven't finished reading that damn mercy among the children book but have managed to read a couple of super cheesy good YA novels instead.

i have to design my upcoming new tattoo soon. or get someone to for me since i'm not that great at drawing flames these days.

this eve i am going to hand out faux hockey cards at the ACC for our "hockey poet" -- will be bizarre no doubt.

here comes s.rain. may spend new year's eve in montreal w/ ro. post-ottawa. post-nfld. considering taking the sfu publishing course next summer. have never been to b.c. but do i need to take the course? i think it's just condensed intense centennial. interviewed potential interns this week from centennial's current crop. wanna dye hair darker again soon. random rambling ends now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


above: the second floor residents.(copyright amanda lynn h., 2005)

reading: Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards (for book club). It is depressing. And then it is more depressing. Then the babies die and the characters cut themselves. Ain't joking.

listening to: Confessions on a dance floor par Madonna. Who would have guessed that I, Crissy Lou, would buy the new album on its first day o' release? Um... It's not that great but then again I grew to like American Life. Couple of good songs and I wanted to break out into dance on the 501 streetcar at 8 a.m. so it must be worth it. i don't recommend listening to madge while reading the aforementioned book. confuss.

watching: buffy S.7, angel S.5 (well, not yet), arrested development - which is once again under threat of cancellation. will those fox fuckers never learn? - and veronica mars which both my sister and mother like. apparently the revolution will be televised.

working on: a ton o' stuff. some spring bookz - proofin', photo research for the all mighty sabbs, taggin' - and the normal sometimes publicity, sometimes admin, always going. i think my brain might burn out at some point. but i guess that's what holidays are for. long term cfa stuff on the weekends, bookkeeping once a week.

planning: to get my f'n laptop on the webternet, to do re-writes on ped xing, to start swimming, to take a dance class one of these frickin days, to dream up really crafty meaningful beauteous presents for les holidays.

about to: gulp down a gallon of water, bug my ma, put away laundry, wrap david k's bday present, wonder if tony will ever blog again.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

here's to hoping the steak is made from cow not human

hello and good morning. today is russ's bday. happy birthday to rozzell.

last night was the fight network launch party and i went. as did most of my co-workers and russ & jodie (who works on the show). one time claire and i went to dave's cottage and we went for a ride in the boat and claire got out of said boat and stepped in a muddy puddle and unbeknownst to her an evil leech attached itself to her. later, after the removal, claire said she always thought she would live her whole life and never have a leech attack. and she was wrong. well, i always thought that i would never see live pro wrestling. i was wrong. i saw some last night and some boxing, muay (sp?) thai, ultimate fighting, and more wrestling. and the largest contingent of girls in shorty short super shorts ever. EVER. as well as the largest assembly of burly short dudes in leather jackets. as bizarre, alien, offensive and so not my cup of proverbial tea as it was, i had a jazzerific fun time. mainly being ironically enthusiastic. and as the grafitti outside the museum of contemporary art says, ironic nostalgia does not an artist make.

tonight we go for steak dinner in celebration of russ's birth w/ rich, leanna, bday boy, and his ma who's flown in from nfld for the occasion. well, for a whole week, not just for the dinner.

i'm gonna go and try & convince russ that the best way to spend his bday is watching angel-sodes. wish me luck. (i am once again not doing work and will later post a regretful why didn't i work on this f'n grant application when i had the f'n chance.)

Saturday, October 15, 2005


just ate one. tasty taste yeah yeah yeah. i love BLTs. i love new york city oh yeah new york city. erin and i just bought aeroplane tickets to nyc to visit tash for her "birthday" -- in quotes cause we're going a weekend later. don't have the cash for it at all atall, but should be fun to swish feet thru leaves in the park.

i am once again not doing what i should be doing. i would like to watch more ep.s of Angel Season 4. nerdly? yes. last night, i lay in my bed and watched 3 ep on my computer. exactly what i wanted to do. so sleepy.

tonight i go to barb's engagement party. i sure hope she emails me back and lets me know where the f it is. yikes. or else i will be a bad person once again.

yesterday was my last day of my internship. this is the last day of our acquaintance. that is a sehr gut song.

mom's painting mannequins in the basement. sarain is having a shower. michelle is MIA. i don't have a stereo in my room and that makes me sad cause music thru the computer laptop sounds like canned salmon.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


friday is my blog's first birthday

beep beep

good evening. i am supposed to be doing work worky work but i am not. no i am playing on the webternet and buying tshirts that say, wwjjd? what would joan jett do? from the bust boobtique. i have wanted that tshirt for years now and finally said fuck it i am getting it right now. i am kind of in a grump.

why? i know that it's partly cause it took me a goddamn hour and a half to get home. and partly cause there is a group hang out going on right NOW without me even though i said earlier i had work to do doesn't mean that i don't want a re-invite or a real invite. and i have started reading Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk -- upsetting. I read her novel The Torn Skirt and made Claire read it too. I liked it better than Claire did. I went crazy reading it.

i ate beaucoup de leftovers just now. thanksgiving. i shall post pictures at some point.

the guests: ma b, michelle, jb, russ, rich, leanna, amanda, dieter our neighbour, edana our cousin, andrey my friend from centennial, david k., and no erin cause she was sick sick sick.

the food: turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, ham, green beans w/ slivered almonds, brussel sprouts, beets, carrots, baked sweet potato, mashed regular potato, bread, pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, apple pie & apple/berry pie made by david and i think that is it and all. oh ya beaucoup de wine. i drank from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. and felt like crap yesterday. quel surprise.

sarain was a surprise (except we all guessed it) arrival in the evening part (we ate at 2 so things were pretty much over by 7). lots of dishes and jokes. nice gut time. i meant "gut" as in german for good but it works both ways don't it. yep.

now i have a stomach ache. from the leftovers i guess. or the one girl guide cookie i ate.

my room is a giant disaster. ma boylan bought me a new dresser for my room so it would be less messy but the process of switching stuff around has created a giant explosion.

unicef made a commercial with smurfs dying so people would care about humans dying.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


it is wrong to clip one's fingernails on the streetcar. i'm not talking what some people who i know and love do which doesn't count but proper nasty flipping flying clipping. shudder. sorry for bringing it up but it's on my mind and a blog is a place to air such grievances.

this eve charlie & amie asked russ to be in their wedding party. very nice.

i'm very sleepy this week; just want to stay in bed for eternity in the mornings. i wonder why. darkness maybe. there are leaves on the ground, signifying fall. i listen to the doves a lot since the concert last friday. also daniel and i are in high-text message mode. we may go to a weird exhibit of plasticized corpses at the science centre. or i may vomit everywhere. or both.

sister-s was in town for a night but is now gone to montreal pour le film. bon. and this is tash's last weekend in toronto, then off to nyc for cbs.

thanksgiving on monday. dinner here at the house. our cousin edana is coming and i think she is all grow'd up and i ain't seen her in years. russ and i are in charge of the cooking. so we'll see how that goes. i have done it once before with success so it will be a-ok and ma boylan will be there to help. just not 100% in charge and therefore likely to get migraine.

arrested development continues to be funny in season 3. it's time to start repaying my student loan. or so said the jolly letter they sent me today. fuckers.

hey my name is in a book. it's a bit of a wicked cool moment for me. let me insert a link hmm temporarily unavailable for order. that doesn't sound promising, does it? amazon = more available

anyway. whatever. now i feel like i'm working as i look for ecw's books on websites. it's bed time.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

return to the blogoshere

hey kids. here i am. rock you like a hurricane. ooh hurricane. i bet that song has been pulled from the airwaves in light of recent hurricanes.

i am sitting in sarain's room, that is kinda tony's room, typing away on the computer that is toe knee's. so many different options when you blog from a PC v. mac. i have had steak for dinner twice in a row. no more iron deficiency. if i even had one. i think so. when you crave red meat.

sunday night. i have SO much work to do. i have agreed to do extra work and now need to find the extra time. proofreading a book about xians and wrestling all day long. weird. also am doing a grant application for JB/CFA. need time for that. and of course i still like to go out and visit w/ pals and have a grand ole (opry) time.

friday night went to the Doves concert w/ daniel e. long time no see. ran into adam f. at the pre-show bar (jason george). daniel said claire's adam is here. the show was quite good though i'm not used to going to shows where i don't really know the music. i think daniel & i will be hanging out more frequently which is a bonus round cause we both miss hanging out.

had lunch w/ david k. and then saw serenity. it was sorta like a 2 hr season finale of a series i'd never seen. but pretty f'n cool and river was kick ass. and of course the joss whedon humour is always always welcome. he really always brings it back to love. love will save the world and you. it's quite charmingly earnest.

had dinner w/ charlie, amie, dave and sarah at peter pan (steak dinner #1). it was lovely to see them and chitter chatter although i was on the hung-over side o' town. then to bed. skipped school friend's bday party due to sleepiness. and since i had to be all workaholic today.

i finally took some extra books boxes down to the basement so my bedroom looks a little bit more lived in.

sarain is still in l.a. having an impromptu visit and then she's off to montreal for boncop/badcop. roji had an article in the gazette today; not sure if it's online but worth a search.

i added that word verification thingy for comments. we'll see how that goes.

this is so not an exciting return to the world o' blog but here i am. rocking you like a mild breeze on a fall day.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

good jokes.

Friday, August 05, 2005

workplace haiku

some poems are not for
Friday afternoon proofing
too much blood on hands

Start your day with Yahoo! - make it your home page

Sunday, July 24, 2005

roji in gazette

Thursday, July 21, 2005


ack -- !

red red wine you make me feel so fine holy pah-zing wild 90s style (karaoke lyrics)


life is a weird & confussing (two ss's for ped xing) venture. ventura. i would like to have a pool out the window. or a slide from my bedroom into the pool like the crazy buxom whore in guiletta of the spirits.

where is my dance studio?

double ack! and triple merde.

and good night.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

the graduate

the graduate
Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

centennial college goes all out...


crissy's cultural week

normally i watch buffy and angel. this week (in addition to buffy & angel) i went to a fringe play and to a cinematheque ontario screening. yes, hello, i participate in the many wondrous cultural arty things happening in this unlimited Toronto of ours.

The fringe play ("An Unfortunate Woman") was indeed aptly titled. It turns out that the one woman in this one-woman show isn't the unfortunate one. It's me. And poor Natasha who I invited along. For an hour of mime and idiocy and bad British accents, dog impressions, the repetition of "oh yessss" with a few bits of songs that were actually decent thrown in to keep the prisoner-audience alive. Alive in the sweltering, no A/C during the heat wave, hot box theatre. And no I don't mean hot-box theatre; i mean hot box-theatre. OH lordy.

Juliet of the Spirits (par Fellini) was much better and of course much battier. I think I may have nightmares. I think I may go batty. The coincidence of it all was this: When Maya and I walked into the theatre I hear some Italian man saying 'ciao' and so on and think to myself, isn't that nice he won't have to read the subtitles. maya and i sit. i hear my name. i turn around. the italian man was john dad saying ciao cristina. there he was with a (lady)friend. funny funny.

tonight dinner at tasha's mit sssarain. tomorrow perhaps to the chocolate factory with charlie. then back to the grind on monday. which i don't mind b/c i'm proofing a novel called showbiz which is v. clever and has me laughing as i read it.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

blog gonnit

let's take a moment and think back on all the good days with Erin's Argyle Knits.

today is the HOLSTEIN RODEO! Dale, Erin, Tasha & I will pile in D's car and drive out there (it's near Fergus, near ... I dunno somewhere Ontariorio). We have not yet decided if we will be staying for the cowboy dance or steak dinner. Lovely dinner with Russ at Peter Pan, patio, last night. We both have a bit of a foggy white wine head this morning though.

In other news, yesterday after Erin came to meet me for lunch in the Beaches (we had Lick's and thought of Adam F), my bosses made me a job offer! I haven't officially accepted but of course I will. It's to start at the end of my internship in mid-October. And my jazzerific title: Associate Editor. Way better than Editorial Assistant, which is what I thought I'd be. Bit more money than we were told to expect too, which is nice. And three weeks of holiday! And bonuses (if my books do well)! And health plan!

more later

Monday, June 27, 2005

taking the hint

here i am at work. alone as everyone is at bec and mary is at lunch. it's hard to do work when there's blogging overdue.

my life so far: bec was tres fun and nice to wander and recognize people - centennial kids, guest speakers, la la la. i only stood in one line up for one author (and it wasn't michael cunningham - his line was too long for me). wore pretty but feel-bad shoes yesterday. mistake. handed out lots of ecw books & made chit chat w/ the people. fun. jack called me vana. kinda like when russ's uncle said i would make a good politician's wife. no, that was annoying and this was funny. there was a photo booth at the DK booth and i took pics w/ laura & amanda from school. funnny.

going to newfoundland on friday (happy Canada day) morning. sarain's the house movie screens on thursday eve. somehow i think i will be hung over for that plane ride.

what else? i am still deeply devoted to buffy. in season 4 and get to start watching angel now too. i think i watched buffisodes 3 nights of last week. pretty good. i get annoyed when something else gets in the way. like last night watching Hostage w/ Bruce Willis as a rental. Soooooo bad and implausible and go-nowhere and no-care. Grrrrr. With a few extra rrrrrs.

Quoi d'autre? I'm overly caffienated and under-fed right now. Water water.

oh i don't know - that is it. how can it be july so soon? rodeo and daniel's birthday and cottage weekend and clean out Ma's basement and birthday and claire. then the summer is over. oh yes, procured very excellent tori amos tickets.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

i've got dreams...dreams to remember

very many things to say. like: my hair is dirty but kinda curly. lunch with JB, Ma, Sarain & Russ at Terroni in an hour (for F's Day). Last night Sarah BBQ bday party w/ smartie-covered cupcakes (a la Box Cake). Friday was Convocation & i got high honours (hurrah). Funny grad photo to follow. Tonight mmvas w/ sarain & to meet w/ erin when she finishes wrangling. cold coffee. B!fact screening on thurs (past) then sit on Old Vic steps and drink beaucoup de sangria and laugh about the good old days. then to ted's for the rest of the night where we met w/ chris b. filmmaker & soon to be involved in a CFA project. crazy stories, cool guy. wednesday Batman begins. ok. This was the week of three hang-outs w/ Adam & Sasha after zero for an entire year.

work was slightly slowish. but all is good and learning new things. not dullard yet. russ sent his demo to u.s. agents so we'll see what that yields. next weekend is book expo / pride weekend. and then to newfoundland. the summer is going to end before we clear 20 degrees.

had a night of crazy crazy crazy dreams. feeling the effect of three-in-a-row nights of late night drinks. layers of mascara.

toronto public space committee:

Friday, June 03, 2005

La Prima Controllio

hello and welcome to crissy alone at work on a friday afternoon. i have been left to my own devices. and to decide at what point (before 5) to leave. what is respectable but fun? perhaps 4?

i have a new & beautious flat screen monitor which makes my once-too thin desk seems loads bigger. brava brava.

read Away Laughing on a Fast Camel yesterday/this morning. vair vair amusant and marvy. so much better than that evil romp in idiot land that was the Gossip Girl book.

next up some ecw catch-up: Fiction for Lovers (not erotic fiction as it sounds) and maybe Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess (who i spoke to on the phone today), then perhaps Hoyden.

when one is left alone in the office, does one lock the door when you leave to go pee? this has always worried me. well, since that time that i was alone at bitcasters on a saturday and locked the office to go pee. then there was the out-on-a-day-pass man who peeked under the stall at me peeing. oh joyous day of violation! then running (with trousers up thank you) back to the office, i had to fiddle with the lock to escape the potentially violent criminal. of course, he was neither violent nor a criminal (of a major degree) but still. frightening. to lock or not to lock. i think the answer is to hold one's pee until 4 pm. 39 minutes. that i can do.

in other news, i like hockey poetry. well not all (i 've only read one collection). this week i had the at first daunting task of copyediting a book of poetry about hockey. i don't read poetry; i don't play hockey. i do know how to use a dictionary though and thankfully the canadian oxford includes many a hockey term. but the poems were very accessible and moving even w/ my utter lack of hockey-know-how.

in deutschland news. i could possibly move there immediately to work for an animation company (english language) with laura dundas of nelvana days. well, i don't have a job yet (i'd have to interview for it). she's contacted me out of the clear blue (berlin) sky asking if i am looking for work (in deutschland). as it is to start immediately, i think i shall decline but say think of me in the fall. wouldn't that be tres bizarre and loop-dee-loop to pick up and go to east berlin for some production coordinating?

in codfish-a-gogo land news. looks like the trip to the east coast / carbonear will be taking place over the canada day weekend. i will only be going for 4 days while the other 2010s will stay a week - 10 days. ah well. such is life. i suppose i shall throw a massive party while they are away and dance on rooftops wearing disco-era platforms.

allergies have started. yesterday i sneezed once and just knew. now i am medicated. mmm reactine gimme gimme.

tonight roji arrives in advance of the amrit bday party at rattlesnake point tomorrow. i think roji, erin, sarain, russ & i will sit on the balcony and have a beer & some macaroni. (not positive about the macaroni bit)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

satellite your house

click on the satellite option and you can totally look at the whole city & i found my street. it's freaky weird. luckily not live pictures or that zoomed in. but still..freaky.

bad bad coffee in N.H.

north hatley 07
Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

vista sistahs

st jo oratory 03
Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

sorry for cheezzzzzzze title

bageled bliss

st viateur 03
Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

what's the bloody isssh u

montreal trip rainy, cloudy, cold. lovely low-key hang out with ro and sarain. movies - good, bad and mediocre. eating out at restaurants. sharp breakfast of homemade lemonade, melted blue cheese w/ olives on toast. hysteria. laughter and idiocy. get to speak to nim. hurrah! drive to the eastern townships to revisit north hatley of our youth.

ecw week of social functions. dinner at joy's on tuesday with all the ladies. pot luck fajitas. too much to eat. candlelight and jokes and discussions on star wars that lead to space balls. so nice to work with people that are interesting and friendly and welcoming. wednesday staff meeting followed by staff lunch. some britney dissing that i stayed uninvolved in. as in did not defend. just listened. i'll drop the i've been to 89 concerts bomb one day. thursday dinner at Allen's on the danforth for a goodbye to tracey who is moving to australia. jokes and spilt lemonade on the card (thankfully wasn't me) and i ate delicious lamb. odd encounter with strangers on patio while on a smoke break with mary. very very oddballs.

ce weekend my plans have shifted due to late (i am annoyed) notice that we are going to acton tomorrow. so centre today then straight to maya's birthday dinner at east. no doors open toronto festival, no wandering along queen street spending on credit cards. no finally seeing crash. have seen very little of russ since before last weekend. he's at work right now. i am stewing.

killers concert on tuesday with amie, charlie, tash and maya. should prove tres excellente. oh i should post montreal pics...

miss you lot. lots.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

o solo mio

good day to y'all. the boylans have abandoned their blogs. i don't know why tony has but my excuse is lazyness mixed with busyness.

i have fallen into a waking coma where i sleep, work, watch buffy the vampire slayer and then repeat. that's not entirely true as there were a few social functions last week. such as book launch on monday, centennial kids hang out on wednesday, amie & charlie ribs&poker last night. how yankee doodle do does ribs&poker sound? very. but also very fun.

montreal trip to visit roji next weekend (it being the long victoria day weekend in ontari-ary-ary-oh). sorting out how the hell to get there without breaking the bank or losing our minds. guess how long the bus ride is? man alive. 8 hours. wonder if erin smith will be coming along. i should give her a call. talked to claire yesterday and that was the first time we've talked on the phone in a million years. so that was the rose of my yesterday, baby.

drinking mint tea. defrosting rhubarb. i haven't decided what to make with the rhubarb but something goddamnit. the time is now.

going into the centre later today to do a bit of workey woo. sarain and i will be walking there. a promenade. i need to pick up a book to read. on the st. car. any suggestions?

Saturday, April 30, 2005

red to black to red

i just had a very exhilarating moment. on thursday i got my first paycheque from ecw. and yesterday i got my tax refund.

which meant for 10 glimmering golden promising minutes, my bank balance was in the black.

then i put a dent on my credit card debt and i'm blazin red again.

i didn't know how exciting it would be to for a minute look like a proper, organized and financially stable person. oh how fleeting...

anyway it's saturday morning, i've read the paper, i'm listening to some Neil Diamond, paying my bills, wondering what to do with my day. clean-up i guess. amie & charlie may be coming by for a eve of card playing. sarah's brother was drafted in the 5th round by the hamilton tiger cats & he gets to go to training camp and then they decide if they're keepin him. kinda rad mcjazzy. go CFL.

(cracklin rosie get on board...dodododoooo)

jeopardy was recruiting in town and i missed it once again. (you got the way to make me happy ooohoooh)

`70s ALBUMS - $200
Although recorded before Abby Road, it was the last Beatles LP of all-new material to hit No. 1

Saturday, April 23, 2005


the good
arrested development, the group. that whole first album was brilliant. i love tennessee and mr. wendell a lot. i guess the name 'arrested development' works well for things in general.

the sounds. i know i've expressed my love for them before but really they keep givin it and i keep lovin it.

the donnas "gold metal." or is it gold medal? well, they deserve one.

ratatouille. it's fun to say and even more fun to eat.

fruit by brian francis. a novel publ. by ecw; it really is so charming and funny. who wants to borrow my copy?

editing a neil diamond bio. well, mainly just changing britishisms to americanisms. and realizing that neither of those words exist. but fun nonetheless. and verrry educational.

pizza. but we already knew that.

the bad
publicity. it's not work i'm interested in doing and it looks like (well, is certain that ) i'll have to do more and more in the coming weeks. especially in august when 1 of 2 publicists will be in india. no thank you india.

workin' 9 to 5. there really isn't enough time in a day when you spend over an hour getting to work & another one back. i think that sitting in a chair all day staring at paper or a screen is bad for brains and energy and lust for life.

burnt tongue. especially right off the bat, on the first sip of an anticipated mint tea at 9:12 a.m. there and then ruining the taste of everything for the rest of the day.

too much pizza. but we already knew that.

the ugly

my belly. it grows...

the concerning

murderous rampages. there is without fail a shooting or car bomb or something every single week in Toronto. it's been crazy these past few months. a minivan parked in tasha's parking lot was bombed. a mother of four was shot on sat. night. a guy down the road from our house was arrested for murder.

the usual
the interpreter. i will enjoy any movie w/ sean penn & nicole kidman. even if there are big holes in the end of the movie.

OTD launch party. tomorrow the school gang reunites to flip thru our magazines in an over-sized venue that will no doubt look so embarrassingly empty. ah well. my dreams of a fancy girly outfit have turned into jeans & boots & a jacket. me and ryan seacrest.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

lil' brit

In the News:
Britney is preggers....

Arrested Development. Swear allegiance
Mitch Hedburg oh i don't know how to spell your name but you were funny

i feel kinda barfy for no good reason except eating a lot of brie. oops. i may lie down and take it easy. had nice hang out w/ amie & sarah last night. i dunno what else. day in and day out at ecw in my little corner.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

flip out

coffee from the morning smells bad in the evening.

dear everyone, i know you are probably beside yourself with wonder at how my first three days of internshipping has gone. well it is fine thank you. my days start with an hour trip to the other end of the city. the streetcar tracks are being ripped up from kingston road (which i thought was in pickering) all the way past my place of internshipment so the streetcar ends before i'm done with it. this will not make me like buses more than streetcars. no. never. no matter how many times streetcars get fucked up and derouted (?) and stuck behind a parked car on a snowy day i will love them more than any other form of public transportation. try all you want streetcar. but i heart you the most. my love is undying and unwavering.

so i have a twenty minute walk after my streetcar ride. or before. depending on whether i'm going to or coming from ecw.

when i get there, i sit down at my desk (small, no drawers) and do something assigned to me by the boss-man. usually it is reading something and either (a) looking for misplaced commas and so on or (b) deciding what i think of it and writing it down. this morning i was thinking about posting this blog and how i'd get to say i haven't had to use the photocopier yet and isn't that a good sign of a fun internship. but then i had to photocopy a whole book today. that sure showed me.

twice i've eaten my lunch outside (once in a little park, once on a beach bench) and today i made the mistake of not bringing my lunch but buying a tuna sandwich from tim horton's. what a piece of ordinary crapola it was. i was miffed. and the lady tried to upsell me a donut. i don't wanna donut. but then i realized she was from england and then i felt bad for her that she came to the new world and ended up working at timmy's. maybe she loves donuts and burnt coffee. what do i know?

so ya, the people are nice, the work is mainly reading (which is nice) and if i wasn't so g'd tired, i would be enthusiastic. pickled beets make me enthusiastic. one time i had a vocabulary test on vegetables in french class and i made up a memory trick for beets. if you ever need to know how to say beet in french just remember this: a good beet makes a better rave. beet=betterave en francais. so next time you're confidently ordering beets at the french market on a sunday afternoon, think of me.

Friday, April 01, 2005


it seems that my pestiferous nature is finally waning. perhaps it is the exedrin migraine mixed with cold remedy herbal tea, but i feel better right this second; i haven't felt this good since last sunday. i'm hungry and i'd like a drink and a cigarette. only one of the three i will indulge. i know i'm not actually all better.

i just was reading some of meg cabot's blog and it was luculent that she is a funny funny lady. she recapped Spring Break Shark Attack and it made me laugh out loud. Quite sapid!

my brain didn't let me participate in april fool's day today but sarain put an anchovy into michelle's morning coffee. michelle contemns anchovies so it must have been extremely humourous.

i think the aliment of tom yum kai soup today really helped me on my road to recovery. thank you friendly thai.

as for my weekend plans, i temporize; unable to decide whether to go to acton or stay behind and get ready for monday. not that there is much to do. and ro will be in town tomorrow. i'm sure in the end it will all be copacetic.

this post is dedicated to word of the day emails

Thursday, March 31, 2005

impatient patient

i thought i was getting better but this morning i feel cruddy. hung out w/ sick sister sarain all day yesterday which was more fun than sick people are supposed to have. we watched wimbledon (the movie not the tennis) and ate alphageddies (hahhahah).

today i had planned on doing all sorts of stuff like getting my act in gear for monday=1st day=workday. but i feel like not doing that at all. we'll see how it goes. also i've lost two pairs of pj pants and when you're sick that is a big problem. i have shorts on right now and i hate shorts. and they certainly don't keep my legs warm. i guess i have to do laundry. maybe that's where the pj pants are camped out.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

sick siblings

all three boylan kids are sick. sarain is the sickest. weird timing.

i had my last day of class today. skipped my last brant class cause i felt like crap and had to get the h out of there. which means i also skipped drinks w/ classmates. kinda sad. and there's a party tonight but i am not going. my brain is soup.

i miss claire and tony and wish that their countries of residence were closer to mine. it's not a small world after all you disney fucks. russ is at a p-diddy baggy tshirt party. his mom and nan sent me a basket of flowers/plants to say congratulations for getting the internship. which is so sweet but also magically makes me feel bad. i guess undeserved, more than bad.

i guess i'll go watch csi. it's not the best choice when you feel crazee in the head but they always get the baddies. order restored over chaos.

miss you lot.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


i would say my most frequent dream is a slightly nightmarish one about being in a weird creepy house that won't let me out. the last one i was with tony and mom and we were walking down the stairs but we could never get to the ground level it just kept repeating and repeating. i decided that if i looked out the window (moved the curtain to see out) then it would have to let us down. but instead the staircase collapsed and we all fell.

long long weekend for me. monday's classes have been cancelled so i am leaving studying for my final on tuesday til monday. haven't done much of anything. finally read Fast Food Nation. and Fast Girls. both v. interesting. fast girls (its subtitle is teenage tribes and the myth of the slut, to give you an idea of the content) was a bit too airy fairy for me. next up...maybe the allison dubois book or i don't know what. i have a pile of library books that beckon to be read before they are overdue.

in other news that surprised me to uncontrollable laughter, i received an email from my internship people and they applied for this "cultural internship" program thru the ont. gov't. and received funding. so they have offered (and i have accepted) a 6 month paid internship following my 6 week unpaid internship. wacky. it's very odd to switch modes in my head of the next chunk of time to 7.5 months v. 6 weeks at ecw. the pay (of course) is not substantial but will be enough to eek out an existence of debt servicing. anyway it will be nice to get some solid experience before having to go out into the real job searching world. and any reason to delay that arduous task is a-okay by me.

today: meeting up with tammy to proof the OTD pages cause they go to the printer on monday. hopefully everything will be in good shape. doing some tidying up round the bedroom. it's a pig sty. russ has gone into work. have done nothing eastery with the exception of buying some mini-eggs. and going to mass. by mass, i mean blockbuster. where i went kookoo trying to choose a freakin movie. russ & i ended up w/ collateral and finding neverland (guess which movie was picked by whom?). watched collateral last night and what a piece of monkey-brain ass. i guess we'll watch neverland tonight.

oh ya and i broke up with Bell Mobility. unlike erin, i did not send them an email that in only two words said everything: you fuckers.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

being calhoun

there is a package waiting at the post office for crissy calhoun but they generally ask for photo id and i ain't got none. which is funny. so i am wearing my tshirt that says crissy calhoun. i think that counts as real live ID. we'll see how it goes.

at school in the liberry. drinks with classmates in a few hours. then easter weekend. have no christ-like things planned. or chocolate related celebrations.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

last minute = best minute

yippe skippy here i go. procrastination end; work begin. nearly done my business plan / media kit. fuck yeah. toes frozen. have to go to school on a sunday.

i have no blog in me


love and misses

Friday, March 18, 2005

guiness is (pretty) good

drank only irish beer last night. some of it greened up. dark beers don't go green easily. russ had his smirnoff ice green too. which looked brilliant. in attendance: sarain, amie, charlie, russ, natasha, amanda and me. drank a bit too much. not feeling 100%. wanna watch movies with russ tonight. should be cozy good times.

going into b!f today to do a bit o' data entry. my fav o' rite thing to do. haven't seen erin properly in a bit so this shall be good catch up time.

i wish there was an In 'n' Out burger right outside my door. i could use the power of their cheeseburgers right now.

it still makes me howl thinking that JB teaches vogueing classes at the CFA.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.


Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

march madness

i vote that natasha gets her own blog and us lot can give her gold star stickers. it's so easy...

it really is the end of school approaching. after yesterday, i officially have nothing more to do / hand-in to the assface teacher brant. getting there with the other classes. kids are getting a bit end-of-their-ropes and sometimes look like they're gonna cry when they have to redo something. they should adopt my attitude of 'fuck it.'

today i am CFA'ing, maybe picking up my liberry books, going to Ringu2 w/ Russ, then going to Amanda's birthday party. She made up a little invitation of her face all sparkley blowing out a green st. patrick's day birthday cake that she drew up with her mad skillz.

full stop.

Monday, March 14, 2005


russ got his motorcycle a couple of years ago, right? and i've never ever gone for a ride on the back of it. i just haven't wanted to. at first cause he was new to the whole driving world, then cause it's called a 'bitch seat' and that makes me rage. but i've since gone on other motorcycles (kay, just the partner at the law firm's and it was way less sketchy than that sounds).

point being, i never wanted to go on the back of russ's motorcycle.

today he gets a letter from yamaha. recall. the freakin bolts holding that seat on are defective and could come loose (or have been coming loose) causing "serious injury or death" to the bitch on the seat

i am psychic. or just have good solid instincts. or my fear of man-made apparatuses (bridges, elevators, motorcycles) is a well founded fear.

rainbow trout

a very odd thing happened today in the cafeteria at school. it was busy (lunch) full of all the just out of high school kids (+ the book and mag crew). suddenly this girl stood up yelling 'i hate this school i can't take it anymore just stop it' but then started saying weird things about hating the 'ethnic community' at our school (our school is probably 75% black kids) and other hateful things. then she stormed out of the cafeteria while some loud girls yelled at her and started laughing. it was so weird cause normally you can simply say fuck you to the mean laughing girls and go talk to the upset girl. but in this case she was blatantly racist and what was making her upset was that she had to be surrounded by the 'ethnic community' every day. turns out she went to Queen's at the same time as a couple of girls in my class and she has had these random outbursts a lot and says rascist and sexist things all the freakin time. it was very unsettling. and then tammy jokingly said, at least she doesn't carry a firearm. but i didn't think that was so funny.

in other news...i only have 12 days of actual class / school days left before my internship. i am kinda sad that school will be done. i love my class and some of my teachers. and of course it's way less boring/hard than real life jobs. who will i go pee with everyday if bianca isn't there? it's quite funny how all day every day at school i am not for one second alone. talking between stalls while we pee. anyway...

when is russ coming home?

case of the...

despite two run-ins w/ kirk cameron and a hang out w/ rino at the jones/formosa (sigh), russ did not have a good trip. lost luggage was a nightmare. bad trip for a guy who doesn't like traveling anyway. they (movie co) did give him a baby blue puma bag though.

i watched In the Name of the Father last night. hard to watch with commercial interruptions but still oh so good. the opening sequence of that movie is crazy. and when i first saw it, i of course had no idea where guildford was, let alone had visited it. the prison didn't look like kilmainham (sp?) gaol but i think when i went (a prison in dublin, not in use) they said the movie had been filmed there. that was by far the most upsetting/moving/interesting place i've ever been as a tourist. or human.

i look forward to many other irish themed programming this week. and perchance a guiness or two.

i am skipping my class this morning. mainly cause tammy the brainer is and if she thinks it's a waste of time, it probably is.

hey rosie o'donnell has a blogster. just like us. hers is more tortured, gets more comments and is less pink than mine.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


right this second i am downloading my first iTunes purchase (tori a. - beekeeper). it feels funny. for some reason the itunes canada store is in french. it's hard to know what to choose: annuler or termine. but i sleuthed it out...

highlights of last night: snow keeps me in & tasha's mom ends up having the slumberparty over at T's. watch Cat's Meow and make the bed (this is noteworthy cause i love the first sleep in a bed with crisp clean sheets). SNL has a skit with Amy Poehler's character called Crissy. or chrissy i guess.

the tori album is kinda wacky so far....uhoh....i bet i'll like it in a couple of listens. hey toe - did you take from the choirgirl hotel with you?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

warning: rotating parts

yes Toe - The Sounds are a band - tres bon. try "seven days a week" or "living in america" as testers...

when a band is called something like The Somethings, do you use a plural or singular verb? The band is vs. The Beatles are It confussses me. I think you go w/ plural. The Beatles is sounds really wrong wrong.

It's Saturday morning and I am drinking coffee and (was) reading the paper. Homework/clean up day for me. Russ is in LA and his luggage is somewhere else. That is super sucky. And it's Richard's brand new suitcase that he hearts beaucoup. If you can love a suitcase.

Last night or well yesterday afternoon I went over to Ma's after school to hang out w/ Sarain. Our class that morning was a guest lecture from a woman from Harlequin Romance. She gave us all free romance novels. I got two. So we did a crafty project where Sarain and Michelle and I chopped up all the dirty/funny bits out of the story and rearranged it into a super powered tacky romance. it's close to brilliant. Then Tash joined us. We hung out for a bit, walked along Queen to the liquor store, and then to my house. We played Texas Hold Em. Sarain and I wore old man/britney hats (hers is pink; mine green), Michelle had a cop hat and Tash had a giant cowboy hat to go w/ her cowboy shirt. we listened to all three spice girls albums then tried to work our way thru the solos but ohmigod are they the worst. they have not aged well. i lost all my chips twice but was having a bit of a comeback by the end of it all.

After everyone had left, i was going to bed and tried to turn out the lamp. but the little switch wouldn't turn it off; it just kept turning and turning and the lightbulb kept burning and burning. so i had to pull the dresser from the wall, impale myself on that stupid elvis bust, curse and yank the cord out of the wall. apparently the ballet workout has not yet given me the promised grace.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

nail polish by candlelight: don't do it

today i managed to do absolutely near next to nothing. what i did do was top drawer (shelf?):

- email my girlz
- remove my nail polish
- do my nyc ballet workout tape as endorsed by sarah jessica parker (she promises i will be more graceful. i'll prove that hussy wrong)
- eat an apple (and various other less interesting things)
- vaguely think about schooly ass-ignments
- listen to the sounds & franz ferdinand over and over as i made a cd for amie

russ just phoned to ask me to put a pot of coffee on. tres bizarre.

i'm wearing my 'claire' shirt today. the one daniel said was too much on me (due to red & black combo).

gots to put the cafe on...


the daily show is always the best thing to watch. martha stewart & tasha have a shared love of citrus fruit. haha. me too.

i started reading The Molly Fire this morning. A son wrote a memoir about his artist mother and cleaning out her house after she dies. There are beautiful colour plates throughout of photos he's taken in her house or of a view in her backyard. His mother (Molly) had painted so much during her life that after keeping hundreds of her paintings, he burnt the rest.

maybe while russ is away in LA this weekend i'll have a double sleepover at my mom's. that would be fun.

the end

Sunday, March 06, 2005


met baby niklas. he can raise one eyebrow and do a bit of an elvis snarl. as well as a katie holmes one-sided smile. put a couple of pictures on flickr (and of amie's bday night). she was so sick and trying so hard to stay ready and w/ it.

i have not started homework...oops. lazy = me. i have been cheating on my crossword by looking words up in the dictionary and on google. but i figure if i'm learning stuff (like Faldo is a golfer who won the masters 3 times) that's what really matters.

this morning i had waking dreams of being in a ballet class. and then i thought about my irish dancing class from first yr uni in a weird loft building in east toronto. a class full of middle-age ladies who loved riverdance. they were lovely/funny. and my teacher was so precise. one time i was coming home after class on the subway, kinda lateish, and the carpenter who worked on the basement in ajax was on the same car and he was drunk and weirding me out. so i got off a stop early. which is too bad really cause when i was a kid we built a ranch for my my little ponies together.

russ is off for a coffee w/ eric. rich & leanna are watching one of russ's new kung fu movies. and i am ready to crawl back in bed.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

brother saves sister from boredom

mad props to toe-knee-bee who saved my sanity last night by calling. i was lying in bed watching lost in translation on my pretty computer (i couldn't get "more than this" or "lip my stocking" [thanks joc] out of my head so i had to watch). i was sleepy and a bit mopey and lonely and then ring-a-ding-ding = tony!

sad part is that is the longest we've chatted since July 31.

now it's the a.m. and i'm reading the G&M that comes to my door every Sat now. so far i've learned: that us troops killed an italian hostage negotiator (basically for speeding) and that tons of iraqi civilians are killed at checkpoints b/c of 'confusion', that the 4 mounties were killed by a "bad" man and that jeanne beker suggests tweens should wear vintage gowns to their first formal event.

dinner @ 201 tonight w/ new baby cousin Niklas Olvang (who Grandma Ottawa calls Alvin and the first time she saw him said, "he has so much to learn"), new Aunt Lisa, Uncle Al, Sarain, Ma and Russ. Then drinks/dance party for Amie's birthday.

I started reading the book of poetry i got from ecw. i never hever read poetry. i liked these ones. sort of smirky and beautiful and painful. then i reread that leonard cohen poem 'beneath my hands' which is just a pure heartbreaker. i wonder if amie & charlie still read poetry together like they used to. they used to read pablo neruda to eachother. talk about a heartbreaker.

Friday, March 04, 2005

do do do

rien a faire
nothing to do
can't read
can't think
want tomorrow
so i can
think straight
finding comfort
wearing this tshirt
given to me
after five years
of friendship,
until a month ago
hidden in my ma's


the meeting was actually really lovely & nice. we talked for about two hours - about me and school and work and publishing in canada and his company. it's a small group of people at ecw; they were chatting and laughing in the background (which i take as a good sign). and he gave me 8 books to take home with me so's i could get to know their list. yes, including a wrestling book. all in all, a good start.

what else? the movie last night was bizarre and kinda long. i like movies with sisters and there were four girls in this one so that was a bonus. i like evan rachel wood (from 13) and keri russell does some dancin. i like dancin. and danzig.

my earrings jingle-jangle when i move my head. claire might come for a visit in june and that sounds brilliant. and she might try to convince me to go for another weekend in nyc. hmmm. that won't be too hard to do.

welcome back jocelyn -- we've missed you so.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


new friend robbie coltrain does not = hagrid. but that would have been funny. robbie = real name; coltrain = made up fun name. robbie + coltrain = super snap.

everyone i know is just coming back from weird trips and feeling a little bit post-partum. including me. and claire. last night was Amie's birthday - we had homemade macaroni & cheese, red wine and cake. amie was in her funniest state when you just can't stop smiling and staring. you should have seen her open her birthday presents. like a little kid so so so excited and happy. and sarah got residency for next year in toronto. which is amazing cause otherwise she and her newlywed self would have been split from new house & husband. yikes. but as dave said, they hope for the best and plan for nothing and it's been working out so far.

even though it was originally my spicy idea, i have opted out of the matching tattoos w/ russ plan. on valentine's day we had no plan so i invented one. it was called "Matching Tattoos." but then it didn't happen. fair nuff. but upon my return russ said let's get em on saturday. which made me think do i really really want a star tatttoo on my wrist? and the answer is no thanks. russ & i are supposed to go see a screening of a kevin costner movie tonight. in the movie he plays a(n): (a) old timer baseball player, (b) crusty but charming guy looking for love, (c) guy who loves to wear blue jeans cause he's one of the 'people' or (d) all of the above?

maybe i should unpack...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


there's more trip pics here & more to come


Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

devil inside

kookoo kitchen
Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

nj to ny

Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

with the sound of wyclef

the hills are alive
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Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

leavin' mtrl

Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

lion in winter

the nyc trip was wondrous. driving in the car hilarity and boredom and barfiness (roji on the way there, tash on the way back, me on friday night). lots of singing and dancing around. drinking DC out of a 2L bottle. flashbacks for Rain & Ro of their evil snowstorm trip on the I-87. get seinfeld spot in front of JR's insane apt. note waiting for us from our lovely host, Robbie. and then and then and then.... dance parties, jokes, yummy food in beautiful places, wandering the streets, bored at the Gates, fights between girls, resolution between girls. photos of roji & tasha's reunification in a pile of nyc garbage (which we all agree has more rats & dead bodies per bag than other garbage). listening to claire sing while we dance around in the apt (you were definitely there claire). long island iced teas and free bud lite (spell it like the americans) and enough anti-bush sentiment to give me hope for the future. NYPD horses and L&O sets. FYIs from Roji and Rebecca's grace & fascination with the entire world. erin's wonderment (why can't everything be as beautiful as this city?) and a new dear friend into the fold in the form of robbie coltrain.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

one more little thing

kay, listen to the acoustic version of The Trews "tired of waiting" and then sing claire's part in her song "tell me all the things the pretty little things" bit over the beginning. fits like a glove.

njork njork

Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.


going on a road trip. gonna have a good time. i'll give y'all pictures upon my return. i haven't done nearly enough homework today in prep. ah well. my reading week is filling up - monday on road, tuesday @ b!f (i think), wednesday @ cfa, thursday do all my homework (eek), friday meet my internship fellow in the a.m.


who remembers "stay" by shakespeare's sister? listen to it more often. it's the best.

there's no ship like internship

i gots me placement. you may notice their healthy choice of wrestling books. haha. i think i will be happy there - they've got quality stuff & fun stuff; fiction & non. i will have an interview next week.

new york trip this weekend. hope erin can come. gulp. i so am not ready. have not packed. have not finished piles of homework due tomorrow or studied for midterm. my confidence in my ability to work quickly during crunchtime means i have spent the past hour drinking coffee, watching the daily show & reading the webternets instead of last night's plan of hitting the books as soon as my head left my pillow.

bizarrely there is a b!fact application this round called 'claire and tony.' i've been stuffing binders w/ erin while watching oprah / dr pill.

japan trip looks wonderful and am sad to not be there. another time i'm sure.

ok let's get craig mccracken

Friday, February 18, 2005


for some reason, i can't post on comment on claire's blog right now. so i comment here:

i think your band is excited when sean does well because he doesn't always. he is a wild card, extraodinarily easily distracted and likes to mumble. you however are always great. you are reliable. that is a good thing. maybe not as audibly awarded but massively important. as far as feeling detached and no one noticing and that makes it worse, i know EXACTLY what you mean. it's horrid. but there's nothing you can do about that but wait it out. next day or week you may feel back into it. and if you never ever do (which i doubt will happen) then you've got a problem (as in you prolly shouldn't stay in band).

basically what i'm trying to say is: i love you and have fun in japan and don't worry too much and you're doing a great job of involving yourself in things you are interested in (band + stellar + travel) instead of lazying about watching reality tv shows night after night. it's hard to live a full life but it's way better than living a bored one. rock on clairabelle.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


last night i went to see Constantine w/ Russ. It was perty decently entertaining but had 10% too many monsters for me. I know it's a movie about battling monsters but hey. by monsters i mean demons. gavin r. was good-looking but only ok-acting

all the suckers in my class are sitting in it right now. i am at home. haha. the teacher who i 'fought' with last term is still crap this term despite a strong start. i think it's more important for me to catch up on my sleep and bloggin than to sit there in frustration doing crosswords and being rude.

gots to go & make me lunch

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


no one is blogging in the blogosphere. so i thought i'd get the ball rolling again seeing as how i dropped the ball earlier this week.

happy belated hallmark holiday to y'all. i ate one heart shaped cookie. that was about as into v's day as i got.

in editing process for articles for OTD ( - only thing on it right now is media kit). it's fun to edit but not fun when certain writers don't accept your changes and stick with the old only-makes-sense-to-me phrasing. it does, however, give me the opportunity to wield my unwieldly power and slash and cut where i see fit. ha ha. i will power trip on a school project if i damn well please. but tammy better not touch my article. well she already did & it's much better for it.

i woke up feeling poorly due to cold (contracted from russ). deciding whether to do hmwk or do cfa work.

in chubby news, besides two smallish cookies over two days (one of which was v's day) i have been quite good at eating reasonable to small amounts of food and not eating late. i just have to get going on the exercise.

shamefully for me and happily for you, i have not yet finished my next bk so no mini-review for you.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


i found my old pj shirt from kid-dom. it's got three zebras on it and a red stripe. it's wicked cool and i love it.

5. Go Ask Alice - Anon this book is insane. erin couldn't believe i hadn't read it in grade school and neither can i. if you haven't read it and feel like you can handle it, please read it. people call things heartbreaking that are really just like a segment on oprah but this is actually and truly heartbreaking.

in other news, i am back on an eat-right-ya-chubby-bum plan. it has lasted since this morning. update ya later.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

losing time

last night as i read my book and russ watched the finale to amazing race, i started thinking about how i'll turn 26 this year. i was always ahead of everyone else. in grade 1, i was 4 and they were 5. i "should" be 23 right now. having finished my degree and half way thru this one year course. it gave me a sick feeling. i know i didn't know what to do and that i've spent a LOT of time figuring that out and doing half-interesting things along the way. it's not the end of the world. it just seems like time is racing and i am more lazy than i should be. so this very morning, i have decided to start designing the prototype for my time machine.

but before that,

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares Not another teen novel. Yes. Carmen buys a pair of jeans. They are magic. They look slammin hot on all four of the bestest friends ever. Summertime - the pants travel between them on their first summer apart. Basically it's a whole lot like the Ya-Yas but with less drinking, child abuse and dancing. My first problem is that the jeans they chose to illustrate the novel are so hideous and would look crap on anyone & everyone. and i know magic jeans. just saying... I will not be reading the second in the series but will prolly see the movie

and i worry that i am wasting my time.

Monday, February 07, 2005

falling behind

before i get into my mini book reviews, i just found out that Bob McAdorey died. That is very sad. I really enjoyed him. Remember his movie reviews on Global? He was always right on the money.

2. Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus This book was written for people who are exactly like me. It's about a girl (named Girl) who is out of university, out of her first job with a nightmare boss and terrified of never finding a job again. But she does. And she finds a love interest. I think it was supposed to be funny and sort of over-the-top. I found it couldn't quite figure out what the hell it was doing - chick lit or hard social criticism or funny ha-ha absurd. The cover is v. pretty though. And it's way better than that A-List book.

3. Jake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman One of my favourite books of all time, that i can re-read ad nauseum, is The Great Gatsby. Well, Mr. G. Korman decided to retell that story in a high school setting. The dedication is "To Jay & Daisy." Perfect for me. And I have to say it made me feel the same ways the original does. It is by no stretch of the imagination as well written but he does capture the same feelings and conditions. Interesting & good book. The Jay Gatsby character says "baby" too many times to count. Kinda annoying.

tonight i will do my homework, eat uberbowl leftovers and watch my murder shows. Medium (starring Patricia Arquette) is the best new show on tv. or maybe the best show on tv.

it's been nice and quiet with the in-laws in arizona. they get back tomorrow. tony -- did you call / email dad for his bday? and sarain's is wednesday.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

groundhog day

remember how in the UofT cinema studies courses, you get to watch groundhog day?

let's make a list of all the books i got from the TPL. then as i read them i'll review them. i took 10 out and rich&russ have challenged me to actually read every page of them before the Feb 22 duedate. not too hard since they are almost all written for girls of age 12.

1. The A-List by Zoey Dean
I took this one out cause Russ's show is also called the A-List. It's terrible. Basically a rich girl who's boring from NYC goes to LA to stay w/ her dead-beat dad and have a wild party summer. Clothing labels and cars and all sorts of crap that I don't know or care about are mentioned every second line. The inbetween lines are about how empty all the rich kids are inside. And how beautiful. zzzzzzzzzzz. oh ya, and obviously the author has an english b.a. cause she likes to make literary references every once in a while to sound all smart. but really these literary references are about as deep as a jeopardy question. or answer. you know what i mean.

i think next i will read Citizen Girl. that one's more for someone my age. i love a challenge. or as bush would say, challange.

the whole reeling from the motley crue badness has given me pause to think about the wider spectrum of that shit. it's tough for my brain to sort out how to live & participate in the culture that promotes those kind of things. maybe i'll just retreat further from it. as much as j'adore britney and madge, i am not dumb enough not to notice all the questionable things that their success endorses. i've just been saying to myself it's not that bad and brushing it off.

maybe i should figure out whether it really is that bad to me. any thoughts?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i was dead wrong

i should have reserved my judgment until more than 19 pages in.

i read more of the dirt (the motley crue book). i do not endorse them. i abhor them. they are vile and nasty and have done and then reported to the world plainly & simply terrible things. i will not be going to their concert anymore.

i am having two email discussions on the subject - one with erin & one with russ.

i feel a bit twisted up and sick about it. i wish the world was a simpler, cleaner place. it's doing my head in.

but congrats to claire. i don't know quite what those people do but it sounds fantastic. mad love to you. and to the toronto public library for lending 10 books I've been meaning to read to me on a day that was sub-par.

Monday, January 31, 2005

lemonade 10 cents

wherein the author relates her new-found fascination with mick mars and nikki sixx, her broken foot and myriad other miscellani

erin s has lent me her copy of 'the dirt' by motley crue. wasn't that keen to read about some 80s rockers talking about how fucking cool they are and how many groupies they slept with in one night. has turned out to be (19 pages in) quite fascinating and full of weird fucked up little boys growing up to be even more fucked up aggressive rocked out hairsprayed men. and there is no 'aren't we so fuckin cool' attitude.

dinner w/ Luz was a grand success. the food itself was quite tasty and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Luz did lots of laughing and story-telling and Russ did too. we all got on & i remembered why luz & i ever got on in the first place. i did manage to say "godammit" a million times & hope i didn't offend her religiousity.

actonia was as actonia is. we ate enough chinese food to feed the chinese army. watched the village. i did some homework. played scene it. i think i won. i dunno. and perhaps most interestingly, discussed, as a foursome + diane, plans for moving out of 2010 and into a triplex in about a year's time. it is looking like that is the best plan for us financially and will suit our space / life requirements nicely. plan on renting out a unit to someone like hmm tony or claire or sarain or whoever needs to live near / with us. or some student if it's a shite basement.

that makes my head feel much much better. having a plan is something i love and having a plan i like (and everyone else does too) is even better. we'll have our own space and more of it and less mortgage payments a month. i should eventually be debt free. by 2089. that's me goal. haha.

i think my winter boots have broken my foot. i hobble worse than before. the girls had to walk slow so i could hobble with them to the subway. twas lame and funny. to me, at least.

homework time for me

Friday, January 28, 2005


leanna thinks cheese smells like feet. i think that is a rude thing to say when i am cooking dinner for friends. and one of them is luz who i have not seen in ages. luz did not change her name when she got married. i did but just to Calhoun. ha ha.

i am making penne w/ asiago cream sauce avec asparagus, spinach & chicken. insomniac makes it and it tastes good. we'll see what happens when i make it. erin is bringing salad & dessert.

tomorrow a.m. going to Acton. I have to write an essay while i'm there & hopefully also design my mag spread for Maiden. Is that a dumb name for a women's magazine that has politics/current events & music & fashion? kinda like Jane but with more leftist articles and less paris hilton. My teacher said Maiden was a stupid name (i paraphrase) and shot Natasha's idea out of the water. Once again, please vote on mag name.

I wish there was a nicer sounding short-form for magazine. i hate saying mag.

So, maybe it does smell rather cheesy in here.

speaking of feet, i did something to my left foot. pulled suh-in. (that's britney for something). i am hobbling around like a hobbler. shoe cobbler. fish monger. hobgoblin. rob zombie. over and out. roger 10-4. sloppy copy go again.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

vinegar and brown paper

russ dyed & chopped my hair & the first day of it was kinda scary because i looked like the Caveman Lawyer. But it settled in (physically and on me) overnight and I liked it by Monday morning. I'll take a picture and post it. Well i bet there will be pics taken tonight as it's erin's bday and tom foster is in town. we shall be going somewhere college streety. at 8:30. tis the plan.

the past couple of days i've been going to my Ma's to clean out my stuff. i have beaucoup de stuff. who knew i was a closet pack rat? I'm not. All that stuff is necessary. I threw out all (well, nearly all) my cassette tapes yesterday. And I read my high school journals for a while. That is weird/fun. Boy did I like Peter Reid. Bonkers.

Mom was sick on Monday with a headache/barfs and she makes me nervous with her sick attacks.

My diet was over before it began. The weekend was a shut-in for me with lots of pie. But back at school & busy w/ all my homework, there is less time for random snacking. And I've eaten all the snacks in the house. So that's good. In an upsidedown way. I'll diet later. My new jeans look good. I like 'em. I'll get skinny another day.

What is a better name for a magazine about women's sexuality: Chatterley's or Boudoir? Please vote. There is dissention in a group project.

I should get ready & get to the CfA... Sorry to be so boring and dull...

Friday, January 21, 2005

spring morning by a.a. milne

Where am I going? I don't quite know.
Down to the stream where the king-cups grow-
Up on the hill where the pine-trees blow-
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know.

Where am I going? The clouds sail by,
Little ones, baby ones, over the sky.
Where am I going? The shadows pass,
Little ones, baby ones, over the grass.

If you were a cloud, and sailed up there,
You'd sail on water as blue as air,
And you'd see me here in the fields and say:
"Doesn't the sky look green today?"

Where am I going? The high rooks call:
"It's awful fun to be born at all."
Where am I going? The ring-doves coo:
"We do have beautiful things to do."

If you were a bird, and lived on high,
You'd lean on the wind when the wind came by,
You'd say to the wind when it took you away:
"That's where I wanted to go today!"

Where am I going? I don't quite know.
What does it matter where people go?
Down to the wood where the blue-bells grow-
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know.

get right

Top 40 Albums - $1200
He charted with Bat out of Hell and Bat out of Hell II: Back in Hell

Personally I think that question (or rather, answer) should only be woth $600.

Yesterday I decided I should properly start on a diet. I went shopping for blue jeans (as all of mine have died quiet heroic deaths). Into H&M I go. They kindly have two mirrors in the changeroom so you can see front & back views at the same time. Hmmm. Not so kind.

Of course I've been eating chips & cheeseburgers since deciding to go on my diet. I've been eating worse than I normally do. Today (minus some chips) has been okay. Could still qualify...I think i just have to institute the exercise regiment & fuck the dieting bit. I like eating too much. That "too much" can modify either "like" or "eating."

But hell, it's a Friday afternoon. The weekend lies ahead. Let's make a list:

what shall i do this weekend?
1. dye & chop hair - dark brown & black and add a fringe and some rock chops.
2. work on millions & numerous & plenty of school projects
3. go to Ma's and rummage thru old stuff, chucking plenty and neatly & efficiently organizing the rest. a.k.a. take everything out of dusty box or off dusty shelf, make two big messy piles and leave in center of room's floor. bad.
4. watch various movies w/ russelll like that Taxi one w/ Jimmy Fallon that he is bringing home from work. Gisele's film debut.
5. try not to eat chips & cheeseburgers.
6. think of some tips & pointers for a one-pager how to host a summer party article that i think i shall be writing for the On the danforth mag. so far all i have: vodka infused watermelon chunks. tasty. (this properly is part of #2)
7. read read read

I borrowed two books from Tony's abandoned bookshelf - White Noise & A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Have started to read the latter. It's well-written, horribly sad and funny at the same time. I wonder if I will be able to get thru the whole thing. Also borrowed Tank Girl & Leonard Cohen CDs. Thanks bro...

I think a side effect of being in a happy & long term relationship is that you get fat. Or I get fat. This is of course the longest I've ever been in a relationship. So it's a one case study kind of theory. Isn't that funny? That after Russ & I lasted more than 4 months (though those were shakey ones), I was officially in the longest relationship I'd ever been in. Absurd. Poor Russ.

If only Pom Wonderful juice wasn't $5 a pop...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

2 Ls for Russell

but i wonder everytime i write it down.

i sung everytime at karaoke last night with katy at bianca's birthday night out.

bianca was drunk & funny & a dancer/prancer.

russ brought home carmen electra's aerobic striptease workout videos (including a dancer's workout!). apparently they are quite popular. i don't think she actually gets naked. we'll see. what crap the world is full of.

it's been freezing to the max here and i've brought back the old skirt-over-pants style in an effort to keep warm. snow today -- pretty as apple sauce on a pork chop.

school has been busy busy with many meetings for this or that project. my groups are using my ideas which is always nice & reassuring.

tammy and barb (oh the names of the girls in my class) both said that my personal style is somewhat pirate-like. to which i replied, arrrgh.

hypocrite luddite: sarain knows how to & uses computers. oh the mockery she's in for.

the knitting girls in my class organized a Stitch n Bitch & we had our first meeting on monday. we sat around Megan's dining room table (in her proper home that she owns w/ her bf James - nice old TO home, yellow walls, cat, bookshelves, jealous) & all knit knit. nice to do things that are not school or booze related w/ new friends.

russ's mom is now planning to move to newfoundland to be near her relatives. she plans to put her house up for sale in a month. wowzers. i do (selfishly) like this plan better than the one where she moves to calgary. i would much rather visit nfld. and i think the relatives in nfld are more family-focused & therefore a better choice than the calgary ones. and they're big up on the sally ann out there.

russd's put sing me to sleep in my head

Saturday, January 15, 2005

coat room

richard's party is going on on onon. my bed is covered in coats and i wish i was in it. the hardcores continue to hang out despite the 6pm start time. the surprise went a-ok on my end but rich had some suspicions & left himself a phone message saying, i think i'm having a surprise party. ah well. i was not the primary on this mission and can't feel wholly responsible.

we saw the life aquatic today and it was brilliant brilliant. although it made me slightly seasick at the beginning party scene. it was beautiful to watch and funny and full of actors i adore. particularly bill & owen & kate. or cate. i think cate.

erin & bex dolgoy came tonight and that was a good surprise. as was amie/charlie/sarah/dave. i should abbreviate them --- CADS. now that is good. and the stalwarts/stand-bys - tash & rain. by that i mean, always there & front liners.

is it rude to put people's coats on the couch in the living room and off my bed?? maybe a wee bit. but fuck i'm tired. my contacts are burning. my bracelets look like pomegranate seeds. only purple.

dance music is on but it should be mellow sleepy stuff to lull the crowd away. i'm terrible...

sarain is talking to nelvana people about the day thinking tony was maybe caught/dead in the tsunami. jungle. indian ocean.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

bad kid

i am crampy & cranky & did not go to camh. bad decision for a broke kid. but i can justify it ten ways to sunday. homework, clean up, feel bad.

the mag i was discussing yesterday for school is called On the Danforth. it's a neighbourhood mag about ... the Danforth. this is last year's ( i don't know how to do the hyperlink thing - sorry)

listening to scissor sisters & they are, as claire said, tres bon merci.

my mind has gone completely blank. no idea why i started bloggin. had something up there. un autre jour.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

pom wonderful

i think i should finally admit to the fact that my blog is sponsored by the produce department at the local grocery. i seem to talk about their products every entry.


i love pomegranate juice. and for a limited time, you can get 3 for $10!!! no...i mustn't corrupt the pure goodness that is pom wonderful juice. cleaning my heart out as we speak.

this school term is going to be a-specially busy. to the Max & the Limit. we're making a magazine (2 issues) and i was ordained 'features editor' today. fantastique. should prove fun. my friend Tammy is the editor of my issue. also fun. will keep y'all updated. also have new teacher ( and he is coooool too. sends good email to the class.

spent 1 1/2 hours in bank w/ JB re: CFA. borrrrring. i nearly fell asleep. i realized i had been staring at an interest rates card blankly for about five minutes and was nearly snoring.

i must: clean up for richie's surprise party, think up a brilliant magazine concept & do write-up on said magazine concept, think up brilliant book idea & do write-up on said book idea, prepare presentation materials for thurs., think up stellar article ideas for features in mag and go to camh & cfa tomorrow. fabu.

but really i'd like to: curl up under the top cover and have a brief lie-down, eat some warm strawberry-rhubarb pie w/ a cuppa tea, watch some good movie w/ russ upon his arrival home and not have any bills to pay (and therefore no need to go to camh tomorrow).

haven't given the shake to the general melancholy and tash has it too. must be january's fault then. the whole world's gone grey.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

little lonely green apple

sunday evening.

have quiet sadness that i can't identify a cause. watched door in the floor which is sad. so maybe it is sympathy pains.

not a bun, but a lasagna in the oven.

presentation tomorrow in class. readings to do. have left cleaning off to another day again. forgot to make a call for Cfa must do that mustn't forget.

russ out of the shower...

Friday, January 07, 2005

for cc

live for this boo!

Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Mail - You care about security. So do we.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

resolutions & red strings

NYR 2005

The Standards
1. eat healthy, watch portion size (but not full-on dieting)
2. exercise more than never (current goal: one proper exercise session per week)
3. drink loads of water every day

The Pocketbook
4. Go to the public liberry instead of buying books
5. Bring, don't buy lunches
6. Never ever hever use credit cards again

The Ones I Love
7. Visit Mum more often
8. Write more letters & call friends more often
9. Watch out for routines with Russ

The Rest
10. Keep at it at schule
11. Watch less TV & fill evenings with more interesting things (see #2, 4, 7, 8 & 10 for suggestions)
12. Stop sneaking drags of smokes from Russ or succumbing to the fabled peer pressure (or rather influence) round Sarain / Ro.
13. Do the things I love more often (swim, dance, write)

The Red String
14. Appreciate what I've got
15. Curb jealous / envious feelings
16. Don't be so quick to judge

*russ gave me the red string book (free from his work) which i read last night. some basics are not for me (the assumption of the existence of god/creator) but the rest is pretty solid. strive to be a better person.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

south african strawberry juice

resolutions another day. but i have made them and so far ... have not been very resolved.

my jeopardy calendar is brilliant. my coffee is lukewarm. my eyes are bleary. my feet cold.

i'm in for a full day at the Cfa w/ JB and then a movie w/ two schoolmates Tammy & Bianca (A very long engagement) at the Cumberland. Better put my eyes in.

lifted the guacamole curse last night.

feeling medium-low.