Friday, December 10, 2004

bloggin self esteem

do you ever feel that if your entry doesn't have any comments that means that either a) no one read it or b) everyone thought it was crap? i do. but when i read other blogs, i enjoy and leave no commentary. how irrational of me to feel lame cause of no comments...

today is my last day of classes this term. next week, three days of exams and then finito til jan. i must say that my choice of program was fantabulous. we're all sitting in a computer lab and people are giggling and working on projects. laughing, whatever. it's kinda sweet. we're exchanging secret santa presents later today. ahhhh. i wonder what i'll get.

should i walk to the bank? hmmm boring. and cold.

talk about boring.

the end.

p.s. my lindsay lohan review did pretty much write itself. should i post it? i hate having other people read my stuff. maybe i will. but y'all must keep in mind that i wrote it last night while watching the apprentice and do not consider myself a music expert or critic.

thank you.

1 comment:

Lady CC said...

please don't think my lack of commentary speaks to anything other than laziness. your review akes me wantto listen to lindsay's album, but i ain't hopeful.

love you

love me