Friday, December 31, 2004

eve of new year

listening to claire's band (caper) -- appreciate that brit & cdn say caper quite differently. makes for an interesting listen. i like to eat capers. of a different sort.

just went to grozery store to get fixins for appetizers to be brought to sarah's dinner party. russ will be making chicken / goat cheese / pesto / etc spring roll type things. i may be making guacamole but with my luck lately w/ avocadoes, i won't be.

haven't yet made any new year's resolutions but plan on it. used to be family tradition in a vague way. and this year has been the nearly devoid of our family's tradition. feel like i'm losing my heritage... I think this new year's eve will be the first ever that not one family member spends it with another. John B will be at the Brass Taps with his actory types. Sarain at her friend / director of the house 's party. Tony in Vietnam with Veronica safe and sound. Mom in Ottawa / Gatineau with uncle Al & preggers aunt Lisa. Me...with high school chums and husband o' mine. Sort of sad really. happier news, i have purchased one of those daily calendars and its theme is Jeopardy! So every day i get a clue and there's a spot to keep track of your weekly score. Fun times says I.

tomorrow i shall post some resolutions

until then,

happy new year

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

lazy lazy

i'm sitting at home instead of at camh. decided to procrastinate one more day. i should clean up the mess of the house and all that jazz.

watching the news is just so crazy knowing my brother was in the thick of it. mental mental. it was quite a day of worry culminating in my mom barfing and barfing with relief that tony was o.k. she shows her love in mysterious ways.

i am listening to the tank girl soundtrack that i 'borrowed' from tony's collection. very old school good & tony-reminders. apparently i suck at this new anthony business.

besides thinking that my only brother had been killed, my xmas holidays have been quite nice. Got loads of nice gifts.

Hosting the ladies brunch on the 27th must become an annual and fixed tradition. It's so nice to have my girlfriends about & they are all such lovely ones. We chose well... And of course three bottles of champagne and chunks of st. andre in the morning are always welcome.

claire won the guessing game and i am taking a break from the ever popular clue game.

do i dare hit the mall to do boxing week shopping? frightening...

with love to my readers -- miss you all too much

Friday, December 24, 2004


chrimbo hols
this term was introduced to me by author Louise Rennison. Her firecracker protagonist, Georgia Nicolson, likes to make up short forms for things like Geoggers for Geography and Chrimbo Hols for Christmas Holidays. It's irreverent and that's why I like it.

camh job
the woman roji was replacing (and who i in turn was replacing) is coming back to work in the first week of january. so i am out of a gig. gig's up. and i still await my first paycheque. merry chrimbo to me.

clue game
anyone still wanna play?

smell of beef in the morning
diane (m-in-law) just made the biggest batch of tortiere beef ever. the house smells of beef. an odd smell at 8:30 in the morning. i'm not saying it's making me kinda nauseous but...

shaun of the dead
is funny.

happy chrimbo eve to brits in america, canadians in thailand, and turning-brit-but-canadians at heart living north of eglinton

Thursday, December 23, 2004


no correct guesses there's clue no 2.

today i woke up with another red wine hangover. second of the week. that's wrong in some way i'm sure. i laid around and did nada all day long. watched xtina's stripped show on much & then downloaded some of her songs. the one on right now is about doin' it. and it's not dirrty.

my crafty present for claire is in a bit rough shape as i apparently can't wait for things to dry. same with fingernails. wreck em everytime. i did actually buy some things for russ which i think are pretty good & hope he likes em. no matter how hard i try, i always end up participating in xmas...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


blog it like it's hot

My new job will soon be my old job. Which is to bad for me. And since this is my last week & it don't matter to them, i am going to work tomorrow & not today. So I can clean up the ranch in anticipation of the arrival of Mrs. Diana Weston, mother to R&R Weston. Also Jade-the-Dog will be arriving too.

Last night I made a stocking out of pink spandex & black furry stuff. It looks like the stocking that Mariah Carey would proudly display on her mantle. On her fireplace mantle. Not "mantle" as euphemism for "large bosom." Or maybe she would proudly display it on her large bosom. I don't know. I don't understand people who wear short-shorts all year long.

I also drank a WHOLE bottle of wine. Unnecessary but delicious nonetheless. And aren't the holidays about lots of wine? Have a party to go to tonight & may be less drinky there b/c of last night's indulgence.

I feel that this entry is rife w/ spelling errors but f' it. If Bush's camp spells challenges "challanges" we might as well give up anyway.

New Catagory: person

Friday, December 17, 2004

monkey brains

alright. Round Two has begun. Good luck. Remember only one guess per person til I tell ya you're wrong wrong wrong.

I get to go to the Accountant today. Wicked awesome jumbo fun.

Yesterday I went to work at CAMH and no one was there except me. And I waited and no one showed up. Turned out they were having their big xmas lunch and forgot all about me. Wicked awesome jumbo!

(How do you make bold & italics & different colours like Jocklyn? It is b/c i'm on a mac that i can't?)

Thursday, December 16, 2004


after reading jocklyn's blog which i found "accidentally" i have drop it like it's hot in my head. the catchiest song to use the word hot since it's gettin hot in heere. those rappers...what will they think up next. i wish snoop dog wasn't such a pervy asshole and then i could actually like him.

school est finito. 'zams were fine fine fine. 2 hours for 50 multiple choice. who's kiddin who. who made who? dormez vous. (my brain is apparently fried)

last night went to Tammy's party with school mates. Twas nice and extraordinarily hot in the room. Lots of people baked things and there was mulled wine. I was to bring guacamole but have learned a valuable lesson. If avocadoes are on sale for 3 for a dollar, that means they are rotten & brown on the inside. It doesn't mean that you've found a great deal. Goddamn Greek fruit market.

Nothing scandolous happened at the party. Except Steven Soderbergh was there and he drew pictures of me and all my friends and then Carrot Top pushed me in a dark alley and started chewing on ... oh god how nasty is Carrot Top. Never mind. End of joke. We did have mulled wine though

I am being a bad kid. I should be going to CFA and then to CAMH. If you're not an acronym, I won't work for ya. Who knows the difference between an acronym and an initialism?

(pls. note clue #1. guesses will now be accepted)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


claire has her Cs and RussD has his movies. Perhaps I need a theme for my bloggin' entries. Favourite things? Types of cheese? Colours? Word of the day? Or stick with randoms?

Or it could be a game where I make the titles be clues to something and whoever guesses right wins my eternal admiration.

Kay, let's play that game. We'll start with a Movie.

Next entry: first clue!

(by the way: have cold, studying for two last exams which are tomorrow ("which are tomorrow" = non restrictive clause), and ate some delicious hot & sour soup for lunch but it looked exactly like Klingon food. Except was not (thankfully) moving.)

Monday, December 13, 2004

light christmas

light christmas
Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

it may be hard to see but those are tons of presents under our tree. this was supposed to be a light christmas but russ's mom sent us home with four boxes of presents. yikes.

my mom's givin me cash.....


feeling cold coming on. this morning i was only at 17%.

oddly find myself in "fight" with Magazine Writing teacher. He is stupid. I am not. The end. No...the class is tired of the way he treats us like infants and is tactless and rude (and a bad teacher on top of all that). So I sent him an email that was very positive & constructive in tone and he's replied denying all veiled charges of idiocy. And of course we have him again next term. Boo.

Had my copyediting exam today. Went A-OK. Want to go to bed instead of hitting the books.

Don't buy the Lindsay Lohan album. It's not THAT great. And you have to have a pretty high tolerance for mediocre pop music. Sorry if review was misleading.

Pink nails.
Pink grapefruit juice.
Pink highlighter.

Friday, December 10, 2004


Lindsay Lohan
(Casablanca Records)

Remember Molly Ringwald? Well, Lindsay Lohan is 2004’s version. Her character in Mean Girls isn’t too far off Ringwald’s characters in Pretty in Pink or The Breakfast Club. Like Ringwald, she plays outsiders desperate for social acceptance, with a perfect combination of sincerity and comedic timing. A redheaded ingénue who won our hearts in teen flicks Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Lohan is now searching for acceptance in the music world with the release of her debut album, Speak.

Lohan’s album lands in the pile of similar efforts from Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson and Skye Sweetnam. All these girls are commercially successful (Ashlee Simpson was just named Billboard’s debut artist of the year) but is there really room for one more? So far, so good for Lohan.

Lohan’s first single, “Rumors,” with help from a racy video, is doing well on MuchMusic and MTV. The song, last on Speak, is listed as a bonus track. That might be because “Rumors” doesn’t sound like the rest of the album. If you haven’t yet heard the song (or seen the video), “Rumors” is a track you can dance to and has Lohan “rapping” throughout (think Britney Spears’s “Me Against the Music”).

But when you put on Lohan’s album, the first track (aptly titled “First”) gives you a different vibe with its first guitar lick. Having chosen rock over a hip-hop sound, here’s to hoping that Lohan won’t be showing off her mediocre dance moves in any future videos.

“First” has Lohan pouting and stamping around like the spoiled teenager she is. She “wants to come first” and “doesn’t wanna be like every other girl.” Despite the weak and childish lyrics, “First” is strong, catchy and kick-ass; perfect for tweens.

Lohan’s twist on the tired pop-rock sound is to fill it out with synthesizers. “Nobody ‘Til You” sounds like an Ashlee Simpson song but from 1987. Staying true to her Ringwald legacy, the best tracks on Speak are infused with 80s beats. They dare you to do that Ringwald kicking dance from The Breakfast Club.

With things going so well two tracks in, the album has nowhere to go but down. And it does with “Symptoms of You.” A sappy, piano-heavy ditty showcases the simplest lyrics this side of the “Hokey Pokey” (“I’m not ill / I don’t need to take a pill”). In an attempt to (presumably) sound like Avril Lavigne, Lohan fails. With a limited range, her voice simply can’t carry this kind of song like Lavigne’s can.

But Lohan gets back in the game with the album’s title track, “Speak,” an anthemic synthed-out rock song. It just barely resists overproduction but with Lohan’s husky voice and a great backing vocalist, you can barely resist it.

Slated to be the next single, “Over” is the most generic sounding song on Speak. “Over” has Lohan whining over a breakup. There’s nothing actually wrong with this song except the fact that you’ve heard it a million times before.

Lohan shines on “Something I Never Had.” Left alone, her natural voice is expressive and interesting in this angsty rock ballad of unrequited love. The song nearly reaches adult-contemporary cheese levels but puts to rest the idea that Lohan can’t sing.

Back to the heavily produced synth/rock sound with “Anything But Me.” It’s a standout track: a fun dance song with perhaps the most personal lyrics on the entire album. “Disconnected” follows strong after (although Speak’s “Disconnected” is not that dissimilar from Kelly Osbourne’s “Disconnected” on her debut album, Shut Up).

“To Know Your Name” is the strongest on the album, buried near the end of it. Deep strong bass dominates this sexy song with Lohan simultaneously cooing and rocking out. The song is Lohan’s bid for privacy from the paparazzi so she can snuggle with her boyfriend (now ex, Wilmer Valderrama). Embarrassingly, the sound of camera shutters is added to really push home the ‘invasion of privacy’ point. We get it; the tweens get it. No need to lay it on so thick.

The last two tracks, “Very Last Moment in Time” and “Magnet,” are solid pop-rock songs, rounding out the album.

Speak is a strong debut for an 18-year-old actress-turned-popstar. Lohan proves she has singing chops and almost defines a sound of her own. Like any good pop album, the more you listen to Speak, the more you’ll like it.

bloggin self esteem

do you ever feel that if your entry doesn't have any comments that means that either a) no one read it or b) everyone thought it was crap? i do. but when i read other blogs, i enjoy and leave no commentary. how irrational of me to feel lame cause of no comments...

today is my last day of classes this term. next week, three days of exams and then finito til jan. i must say that my choice of program was fantabulous. we're all sitting in a computer lab and people are giggling and working on projects. laughing, whatever. it's kinda sweet. we're exchanging secret santa presents later today. ahhhh. i wonder what i'll get.

should i walk to the bank? hmmm boring. and cold.

talk about boring.

the end.

p.s. my lindsay lohan review did pretty much write itself. should i post it? i hate having other people read my stuff. maybe i will. but y'all must keep in mind that i wrote it last night while watching the apprentice and do not consider myself a music expert or critic.

thank you.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

birthday fair

Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

in angleterre

wish list

I wish:

- Claire's blood would clot faster (2 hours seems a mighty long time)
- for the water in Tony's building to not be contaminated. Erin Brokovich does not speak Japanese.
- RussD's folks would smarten up & show da love and that generally speaking, he would meet more of the Claire types
- my review of the new Lindsay Lohan CD would literally write itself
- for more blogs from jocklyn, the funniest sister ever
- Erin's essay (way harder & longer than my Lindsay review - no doubt) would also write itself
- for world peace...anyone remember that Steve Martin skit on SNL?
- that Tom Hanks never made a dramatic picture ever and was still so funny
- the cool girl in my class named Arin would give Chrimbo cards to everyone and not just the girls who she thinks are cool. It makes other people feel bad no matter how secretly you give them out. And it makes me feel bad for being slightly glad to get one
- that f'n cartoon man would hurry up and employ miss c.c. already (excuse me, lady c.c.)
- either my mom or s or both had a little bit of enthusiasm for holiday activities. why is hanging out with me and eating sweet potato a bad & fearsome thing?
- for magic-money to buy people some presents for chrimbo. i'm getting good gift ideas despite my attempt to not think about it
- bills would stop coming in. when will it stop? never...

the rest of my wishes are increasingly boring and practical. so i'll leave them off as i've started to bore even myself.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

left arm = non functional

to end the boring tree story: got tree, decorated it, ate spaghetti, watched Elf. Did eat wendy's not mcd's. In-laws did bicker.

Hung out with Sarain at 201 this eve. Watched beaucoup de television and ate beaucoup de things. Beet soup, pasta fagioli, 1/2 bagel with cheese, slice of roast beef, 1/2 cherry popsicle, cup of tea, glass of diet ginger ale, couple oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, one vanilla wafer cookie, one cracker dipped in hummus. i think that's it but it's hard to know.

just thought i'd put claire's cookie crumb eating in perspective... no, our psychoses are different. but both respectable.

monday it snowed. the perfect winter day.
today it rained and hailed. the worst crummiest winter day.
and now it's extraordinarily windy (branches falling, sounds like the devil) but the wind is sort of mild and watery.

russ is at his work chrimbo party. the new bosses had a meeting with the lot of them today & there won't be any changes to the station until next fall. so russ is fine at least til then and probably longer as the A-List is doing well.

Oh yes, also had one artichoke heart and two bites of corn. Any one else feeling slightly nauseous? (that's a tough word to spell)

i like the killers cd.

Monday, December 06, 2004

le weekend

ended up staying in on friday and ordering thai food, not pizza. necessities when ordering thai: tom yum gai soup w/ chicken. it's the lemongrass / mushroom type affair with a nice spice. and CILANTRO! euh for claire. i watched three movies on the movie network on demand which i think is a grand invention. free movies (limited selection) when ya want em. i watched: swimming pool, love don't cost a thing (or perhaps, thang), and carolina. all pretty lame but very entertaining for me.

i also had a lovely headache that i tried to get rid of by having a glass of pimm's. while it was delicious, it's no headache remedy. went to bed & woke up w/ same headache. i don't think i need a headache on a saturday morning.

then...went to grozzery store w/ russ. that was fun as i was in a wacked out mood. and russ laughs so i act sillier. we got tons of tasty things. including some fancy cheese. yum. i can't remember what i got - i think cambozola. next it was clean up time - i did the kitchen, russ did the bathroom. i did the bedroom, russ did the living room. very efficient. watched the tail end of Uncle Buck. played some tetris. ate some tacos.

sarah & dave, amie & charlie come over. we all sit around in and chat and drink. even a bit couple-y for me. but thankfully, we're all more humans than halves of couples so it's a grand ole time. we have a tetris championship which I WIN. (although Richie beat me yesterday -- i am not the house champion).

right thennnnn....sunday morning. you came in with the breeze.

(by the way, i have to leave for school in 35 minutes and am in housecoat...dooodooodooo)

Rich, Leanna, Russ & I pack into the car (leanna's) and drive out to Canadian Tire in Etobicoke. (Note to RussD: Etobicoke is the suburban west end of Toronto; Canadian Tire sells tires, lightbulbs; is a cultural institution; and has a wide selection of faux xmas trees).

Much debate over what height tree to get and whether we should get one that is pre-lit. Craziness. I talk to Canadian Tire woman (very helpful and very developed mullet) & get to go into Employees Only storeroom. That's where they keep their 9 foot trees...we do not get that one (we would have to cut a hole in our ceiling...)

To IKEA to buy ornaments (we do not have a tree yet). Pretty darn fun - race thru the place, run into some guy Russ & Rich went to high school in Acton with - choose tons of red & silver ornaments. No hot dogs or swedish meatballs are had.

To 2nd Canadian Tire in Etobicoke. We are getting desperate for faux tree. We debate height, girth, tree and light colour. We finally are presented with a satisfactory tree: 6 foot, pre-lit with white lights, not too skinny, not too fat. And not insanely expensive. We buy tree skirt, star for top (i call it a rock-star in my head to avoid feeling overly jesused).

Who knew trees were so complicated?
Not I

(must get ready for schule; more later -- keep ya in suspense....will we stop for wendy's or mcdonald's on the way home from canadian tire? will the tree be properly assembled? will it fit in the mini living room? will rich & leanna bicker all afternoon? )

Friday, December 03, 2004

oh dear

the end of my busiest school week...the end of frustrating group work projects...

my house is quiet right now (how rare). i may go to a party with russ tonight. not sure exactly who's hosting but some work type xmas affair with bands and dancers and whatever else. a girl from my class (maya) is going as well so i'll have someone to talk to while russ talks to workey types. although they are pretty nice & chatty with me. we'll see if i actually go cause 65% of me wants to watch some videos and eat some pizza pie. (I think some percentage of me always always wants to do that)

new job is working out all right. sort of weird. it's a truck-along/paper-pushing government kind of thing. it seems like they need a full time person so they just expect me to do all the jobs in part time hours. which is not cool. we'll see how it goes. next term i have wednesdays off so that can be work day. and my program co-ordinator at school was quite pleased to hear i had this job and called me an expert...hahaha.

tammy, bianca and i went for lunch to the DQ today. we sort of gossiped about everyone in the class. not real gossip; we were very diplomatic and nice. still nice to get tiny things off your chest to people who know who you're talking about. as tammy said, the honeymoon is over.

despite new job, i am still so freakin broke. credit cards are my enemies. i need to cut them. not that they're much good anymore. i hate not contributing to the mortgage (this is the first month i haven't...) especially since it's dec. & russ has to buy presents and all... one day i will be debt fine day

xmas tree going up here at 2010 this sunday. first time. it'll be plastic (boo).

i think i'm up to about 75% not wanting to go to partee...