Thursday, November 11, 2004

power of three

so i should check for comments more often. i thought that only claire was reading this. and maybe occasionally mon frere. but i have a third reader! and third reader, i didn't have your blog address when i listed my fav blogs. now i do.

my fav blogs (in order of fav-ness)
19. those other ones

glad clairey has a flat. glad my feature is done (besides rewrites, which we all know is the most important part of writing). glad it's a miserable cold november day in toronto. i might buy tickets for russ w. and i to see bill cosby at roy thompson hall. i think it would be funny fun. i love bill cosby.

hey you londoners. there is an exhibit at some gallery of britney photos. i know you must be dying to go. the exhibition's called i heart britney. and people think it's lame. bmg has paid for it.

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Lady CC said...

hey sugah

i know about the brit exhibit. now thati have a flat i have more time for these sorts of things.


must find furniture and fridge!

mad love