Thursday, November 25, 2004


good evening blog readers.

in the good news department, i have a temporary (for now) little job working where roji used to work...camh. kinda cool because it's in their publishing department and hey! i'm in a publishing program. good pay + not very many hours = liveable. if that's a word.

also had minor confrontation about "work environment" with boss/father. pls. note order of relationships... anywho, i am only going to be doing straightforward bookkeeping for him now and none of the other stuff. i.e., he can't bug me about shit anymore. hopefully that will make both boss-peon & father-daughter relationships function better. although there is not much to speak of in the second category.

sample conversation:

"Hey Da"
"Hi Ella. How's school going?"
"Oh - really grea-"
"Did you do that work thing I never told you about?"
"blah blah blah workey talk workey talk"

the end.

i must point out that this conversation is infinitely better than the one in the breakfast club that ends in an exchange of "no, fuck you!"s and a beating. don't mean to suggest i have a bad relationship; just an unsatisfactory one.

the one thing that sucks about the college education experience: group work. by next friday i will be done with it (for now). hallelujah & god bless.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004


i think i'll get my next tattoo in latin. and on my wrist. now all i have to do is come up with an idea of what it will say...

i got a present from ToeKnee in the mail yesterday! it's a white & blue baseball shirt (w/ long sleeves) and on the front is a robot babe and the following text:

Hardwired for
Observation and

in computer news, russ & i have photoshop CS on our macs now! yippee! and i'm getting quark as well! that means i can do my design type homework at home and not at the school lab.

tomorrow i'm going on a field trip with my class to a printing press. i feel like i'm in grade school saying that but it will actually be quite cool/interesting. no free books though, sadly.

oh yes. i spent money yesterday that i didn't (and don't) have. stupid credit. went to h&m and bought a bunch of tops. and a hairband. apparently my head is larger than h&m regulation size as the headband gives me instantaneous headache. claire, do you have a tiny noggin? it's pinkish...and you can take it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

13 min to Daily Show

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, I get to watch the daily show from the night before cause my classes don't start til 11:30. The countdown begins.

Tony - Apply to Grad School. Forget that 'Lost' show and work on your applications.

Can someone please tell me to find a part-time job? I desperately need one. I did a little budget type affair last night and man alive, I need some cashola. Hopefully, I will be able to finally finagle (sp?) a loan with my Ma. I'm supposed to be spending my free time intern/volunteering at various publ. house so that when job time comes, they hire me instantly. I hate hate hate being stressed about money. It seems I always am. I should learn not to spend money like S when I have a job. And to save it up & pay off debts when it's coming in.

Thanks to the Centennial College Book Sale, i have a new reading addiction (farewell for now teen novels). Bought 5 mystery novels for 35 cents. Talk about suiting my aforementioned financial state. for you british types, 35 cents is 0.158204 pounds. for you japanese types, 35 cents is 30.8896 yen. hmm.

anywho. point being, reading my Inspector Wexford mystery and it's set just outside of Lewes. That's their major town. So of course, I have a perfect picture of the 5th prettiest village in Sussex. Or so the book calls it. Thanks all to Virginia Woolf and Claire.

now for the fake news...

Monday, November 15, 2004


so i've sent two blogs to the wrong secret blog
address. the one today was quite lengthy.

this will be quite short.

i am an idiot.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Giller pLight

my pun is almost funny enough to erase my encroaching foul mood. i (stupidly) agreed to volunteer at the Giller Light and have been suckered into two 1-hour shifts with a lovely two hour break between. I will be Queen of the Coat Check by 12:30 a.m. And in class by 8:30 a.m.


And what does one wear to a party in a coat check room? Oh. Maybe turtleneck is a bad idea if I will be running here and there. Thank you blogging process for helping me sort this one out.

I made v. delicious sweet potato for dinner (with rosemary).

i'm in my room with the door closed and richard is in the living room and i heard his belch. granted, he just ate pizza hut. spaceballs was on the other day and man, that is one funny ass movie. combing the desert. jam in the computer. pizza the hut.

oh ya, the other annoyance about the Giller pLight is that i don't have a buddy to hang out with all night. i like to go places with a safety person. and while there will be school peeps there, they will all be busy checking coats or something. whatever. i'll probably have the best night of my life. probably.

power of three

so i should check for comments more often. i thought that only claire was reading this. and maybe occasionally mon frere. but i have a third reader! and third reader, i didn't have your blog address when i listed my fav blogs. now i do.

my fav blogs (in order of fav-ness)
19. those other ones

glad clairey has a flat. glad my feature is done (besides rewrites, which we all know is the most important part of writing). glad it's a miserable cold november day in toronto. i might buy tickets for russ w. and i to see bill cosby at roy thompson hall. i think it would be funny fun. i love bill cosby.

hey you londoners. there is an exhibit at some gallery of britney photos. i know you must be dying to go. the exhibition's called i heart britney. and people think it's lame. bmg has paid for it.

tony's secret blog method

i have created my uber secret email address. i am
attempting to blog to it.

the coffee is really weak this morning. barf on that.

over and out.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

glow at the globe

glow at the globe
Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

bubblegum shame

what to blog on about? it seems like i never am in the right spot or have enough time to properly update this fucker. i am too shy? or secretive to do it at the school computers. i don't really want to be sharing whatever it is i write up here with forty classmates. because everyone would just rush onto the site and read read read.

i have ideas of tons of stuff to write on here and then when a moment like this comes along, i am a bit on the blank.

so the mundane. home from school & supposed to be working on a 'feature' story for my magazine writing class. my subject is greatest hits albums (you may or may not be aware of britney's recently released GH album). i've written a bit but am prolly scrapping it to start again. and that is what i should be doing right now. instead i watched a bit of oprah where i learned (again) that i should eat blueberries and salmon, ate a can of tuna and some weird spicey brothy soup that i whipped up. my skin is in crisis mode (dry & spotty all at the same time in the same places) so i should probably adopt dr. periconne's diet. the aforementioned salmon blueberry combo. to simplify.

i watched the behind the music on the spice girls the other night. what a flashback to first year. that was some good and spicey times. totally absurd but amazingly fun. russ couldn't believe that i actually cried and listened to viva forever when geri quit the band. well, quit the group. i know it's just silly pop music but listening to the spice girls actually gives me energy and joy. like a cheerleader.

i've never been too shy or ashamed of liking pop. but i just find that people tend to pigeonhole people. i love tons of other stuff as well that's "cooler" to the alternative intelligentsia mafia. i dunno. i haven't told my new school friends that i've been to 7 britney spears concerts. i don't think they'd quite get it until they already know who the hell i am. that i'm not all britney all the time.

tony's blog was funny today. super hot female. wah ha ha.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Originally uploaded by Crissy Calhoun.

november rain

one of my religiously upheld traditions is to listen to november rain (more than once) on the first downpour in november. here we are. i didn't have an umbrella today. my jeans were soaked nearly to my knees. socks squishy, runners liquid. papers in bag damp.

this lovely sweet girl named cheryl wasn't in school today because her mum passed away last night. we all signed a cheesy sympathy card for her. and then sang happy birthday to brian with as much enthusiasm as could be mustered. odd day.

i have quite a pile of homework. growing pile. i should get crackin. but i've been feeling listless the past couple of days. not quite sure why. of course, the confirmation that over 50% of americans (who voted) truly are ignorant really knocks the wind out of a girl. not that kerry was some enlightened man who was going to bring america back from insanity. but still...the South is ruling America.

last night i went over to momma boylan's and made a scrumptious lasagna for ma, ro & s. twas delightful. then we watched america's next top model. twasn't delightful.

it's nathon's bday today. do i call / email or let it lie? and tomorrow is tasha's 25th. hurrah!

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