Saturday, October 30, 2004

little things

i am listening to my playlist on russ' iTunes. and a song started up and i couldn't figure out what it was. i liked it a lot but had no idea where the hell it came from and who was singing...

twas claire.

i'm going to see saw today. against my better gut instinct. but we shall see. saw. i am also going to dye my hair brown myself today. it's nearly november and there is no room for blonde grown-out highlights on my head.

i am eternally frustrated by the work i have to do at the centre. not enough time to do a really good job and get things organized. just enough time to always have an endless list of things to do and john bugging me to do stuff that is beyond my means. i want to extricate myself from it but (a) i need the tiny bit of money and (b) who else would do it? I need to somehow get over the annoying and rise above it.

i'm listening to vertigo by u2 and like it beaucoup. quel surprise.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


sunday night. russ is going to make a roast beef. that is funny and right.

i am taking a break from my crafty homework. it's rather fun to make a lil' book full of your own pictures. and any homework that involves a glue stick is fine by me.

russ was completely surprised and that is fantastic. i didn't really realize but no one had ever thrown him one before. so twas good that sarain & roji thought to do it. yippee

i find the ashlee simpson caught lipsynching on SNL endlessly amusing.

laundry calls.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

true blue

i think that true blue is one of madonna's greatest records. it's quite brilliant nonstop.

i should be studying nonstop but alas alack my dear friend jack. i used to want to name my kid Jack. Not anymore. That was in my terse american novelist days of fitzgerald & hemingway. now i'm more of an Adeline Virginia Stephen girl. Mixed with Madge.

Sarain & I went shopping for party supplies today. Bought Russ type drinks (vodkacran&smirnoffice). Smirn Office. Russ type food too. And we're getting a cake with his grade 8 grad pic on it. ha ha. must remember to take pic.

None of you two assholes ever make any comments on my blog. How can I be a proper blogette if no one comments? I better send this to Erin...


Tuesday, October 19, 2004


i think i have a cat neclace thingy (word escapes me) on my wrist. i thought it was a human bracelet. i am still feeling panicky and over-caffienated and i had way less caffiene today.

need to start studying. went to school today, then did some picture jokes for R's bday, then to JB's to set up his new dell laptop. now home. gotta hit the books. boo.

is it possible to put pictures up with posts? that would be fun.

Monday, October 18, 2004

caffiene belly

i drink too much caffiene.

two cups of coffee. one diet coke. one cup of coffee.

hmm. that isn't so bad. and 1 litre of water.

i am feeling stressed because:
1. Russ' bday is on Friday & there are things (like cleaning & organizing) that need to be done).
2. I have four midterms & two assignments due this week.
3. Aforementioned caffiene.

Am I spelling caffiene wrong?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

New Digs

I have abandoned Diaryland. Mainly because blogger looks better. So I welcome my two readers to my new digs.

I am supposed to be doing homework. Alas, alack. I have to write a profile for my writing class. It's on Sarainy Rain. So far so good. It twas pretty funny interviewing her. I had a taperecorder and questions all typed out. She was a very good sport. And eloquent. She does say "phenomenal" and "fantastic" a lot. These are the things I gathered when I typed out the transcript.

Russ' 30th birthday is next friday and there is now a plan in the works for a surprise party. It was not my idea. I was going for a boring and lame non-event because i am a bad friend/wife. Lucky for Russ other people care too. Like Roji & Eric & Sarain. We are having a planning meeting this eve. Good thing Russ doesn't use Safari or know about the switch from diary to blog. Cause then the surprise would be out the window.

I watched the third and final u.s. presidential debate last night. It was the same as Round One and Two. Except George W. had a giant ball of spittle in the corner of his mouth for 45 minutes. It was hard to watch. They're both nut-jobs. But I do like some things Kerry has to say. Especially when he talks about how despite his Catholic beliefs, he knows he can't legislate his own articles of faith on Americans who don't share them. God Bless That One. As for Georgie...